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Floating Experience – Ocean City’s Salt Cave & Float Center

When asked if you’d like to try out a new spa experience, more than likely your answer will be “yes!” I tried my first floating experience at the new Ocean Elements Salt Cave and Float Center, which is the first of it’s kind to open here on Delmarva.

When I was told our appointment was at nine in the evening, I thought for sure that was incorrect because spas are not usually open that late.  But sure enough, Monday through Saturday the spa is open until 10:30 p.m.

The Float Therapy Room

We were greeted by a very nice man who I found out later was one of the owners.  He has a calm and peaceful demeanor to him that already puts you into a state of relaxation.  He showed us to the two separate rooms with flotation pods.  They’re pretty large bath-style rooms with an open shower for you to cleanse your skin before your floating experience. The shower is very clean with hair and soap products already in place for you. They also provide a little basket with ear plugs, a washcloth and a water spritzer to use while you are in the Flotation pod.  

What is the Purpose of Float Therapy?

Float Therapy can play an major role in the pain management process. It is used primarily for chronic pain relief for those with arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia and more. Float Therapy also helps relieve depression and anxiety by allowing your brain to calm down and de-stress from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It allows your body to rest and detox from the crazy night you just had in Ocean City!

Those of you who have trouble sleeping definitely need to try this out.  I am not sure why “helping you sleep better” is not on the list of items that this therapy helps you with, but speaking from experience, you will sleep like a baby.

The Float Therapy Experience 

The water is about a foot or so deep and at body temperature, like bath water but better. Once you get in you can set the lights to dim even more or have them go completely off.  There is a music pod built in that plays very relaxing “spa music,” which you can also have on or off.  I went for the full light and music vibe for the my first time just to get a feel for the full experience. 

The top of the pod can be open, closed or up halfway, but the more it’s closed the warmer you stay in the pod. Once you lay back, find a comfortable position and just let go! You will not sink or feel like you have to hold your head up because the warm water based with Epsom salts will keep you afloat. 

You are going to feel weightless, practically nonexistent and purely calm away from the world and all its noise. They have a neck float available for usage in case you want your head more above the water. I just used the newly packaged ear plugs they provided and my head stayed above water all on its own.  

Other Services They Offer

If you’re here for a week or more and have had enough of the beach, the shopping, the drinking and just need more relaxation on your vacation, definitely check Ocean Elements Salt Spa out. If you are here with a group or even in town for a bacherlorette party, be sure to try out their communal salt cave filled with Himalayan Pink Salt and relaxing music. 

If you don’t need to hear any more, they have a very simple Book Now platform for you to plan your visit while you are here or before you come down. For locals like me, they have a fabulous rewards program if you visit them monthly, which I highly recommend. Check it out for your own sanity. 

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