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Barbeque. Bar-b-cue. BBQ…in Ocean City

Barbeque. Bar-b-cue. BBQ. No matter how you spell it, barbecue is one of America’s favorites, and Ocean City has lots of barbeque specialists in town. Use this guide to help you decide which bar-b-cue place will be your new favorite…or try them all!

28th Street Pit-n-Pub

You know that a place called Pit-n-Pub is going to have great BBQ, and plenty of drinks to wash it down with. Now with locations on 28th street (of course) and Ocean City’s Northside, the Pit-n-Pub has homemade barbecue to top your favorite fresh, smoked meats. The atmosphere is cozy and comfortable, making Pit-n-Pub the perfect place to enjoy a casual (and messy) dinner with family and friends. Get your BBQ straight from the grill between 11 a.m. and 2 a.m. daily. Happy hour starts at 1 p.m. and continues to 5. Open year-round.

Bull on the Beach

Bull on the Beach has been a favorite barbeque stop on the boardwalk since 1980. The restaurant is still located on 2nd street today, now in the Park Place Hotel, just a few stores down from its original location, and on 94th street bayside. BOTB’s motto has always been simple: “Great food, great service and a clean environment to enjoy it in.” The great food they pride themselves on consists of mostly seafood and good, old fashioned barbecue, and happy hour is every evening from 3 to 6 p.m. on 94th street. Open year-round.

Ocean City Barbeque

This Ocean City barbeque joint is really known as just that: Ocean City Barbeque. Established in 2017, OCBBQ serves up “southern BBQ with a Maryland twist,” Ocean City Barbeque is located in the historic 45th street village right by their sister restaurant Taphouse. With racks of ribs, BBQ bone-in chicken breast, pulled pork, fried chicken sandwiches and Fresh Catch of the Day fish specials, OCBBQ already knows exactly what Maryland barbeque lovers are looking for. Open seasonally.  

 Ocean View Grill & BBQ

Located on 16th Street and the Boardwalk, Ocean View Grill & BBQ is a great spot to enjoy a sandwich while looking out over the ocean. Look for slow-cooked BBQ on the dinner menu or enjoy a seafood appetizer–from ribs to crab cakes, Ocean View does it all. Indoor and outdoor seating is available. Try Eastern Shore staples like BBQ ribs, brisket and chicken, and when it’s hot outside, be sure to try one of their seven frozen cocktails.

Authentic barbecue comes to Whaleyville – OceanCity.com

Sometimes passions just take over. It’s something I’ve seen happen in the craft beer industry and something that increasingly is happening in the food truck industry. Making things by hand for the people who will consume them really is a reward unto itself.

Smoker’s BBQ Pit

Smoker’s BBQ Pit is a local favorite, located off Route 611 in West Ocean City and open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. Smoker’s serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and has wood smoked their pork, beef, chicken and fish in Ocean City since 1996. Not only can you enjoy their delicious barbecue options, but Smoker’s also offers Southern-style side dishes and fried chicken, catfish, meatloaf, smoked tuna and homemade banana puddin’. Head to Smoker’s when you crave a smoky barbecue flavor or a dose of Southern comfort.

Boog’s BBQ

Boog’s BBQ is a Maryland staple. Boog’s sells in Baltimore at the Oriole’s baseballs games and also in Ocean City, on the boardwalk near Thrasher’s and the Jolly Roger pier rides. Dine-in or take out your favorite BBQ specials like pit beef, pit turkey, pulled pork, smoked sausage, pulled chicken, beef brisket and pit ham. Wash everything down with an ice cold, freshly squeezed lemonade made right at Boog’s, and then enjoy a banana puddin’ or rice pudding for dessert. Open seasonally. 

This page was updated on 10/10/17. 

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