A snowy walk around the Inlet

A snowy walk around the Inlet


These photos were taken the Sunday after the first snow of the season on Friday, Dec. 8, which was followed by a little more on Saturday. I woke up on Sunday morning, looked out the window and immediately knew I’d have to bundle up fast and head out to take pictures before the snow melted or otherwise ended up covered in street sludge and general dirt, trash and cigarette butts. Not to be a downer or anything–the snow is just especially beautiful before human interaction.

No matter how many times it snows in a winter (or late fall, in this case), the anticipation of a snow-covered driveway and maybe a day off from work or school is still always there. If you’re in Ocean City the next time it snows, be sure to take a walk along the boardwalk–just be prepared with high-traction snow boots!–and snap a few pictures of the peaceful, wintry scene. If you’re on Instagram, share your photos with us–@oceancityphotos–or on Facebook at facebook.com/ocfun. We love to see them and sometimes even share them for our fellow Ocean City lovers to see!

Old Pro dinosaurs
First, making a brief pit stop to photograph the snow-covered dinosaurs.
Hiding its snowy head in the brush.
At the Inlet, where the snow was melting fast and making the boards extra slick.
Lots of ducks enjoying the sunshine.
The famous Inlet totem pole, half-covered in snow (he didn’t seem to notice).
There were footprints in the snow, but very few people around.
Lots of light, lots of shade.
Looking down at the boardwalk, tire tracks on the boards and bundled-up joggers faaar in the distance.
In the winter, the seagulls own the Inlet parking lot.
An empty tram station.
Holiday wreaths and an ombre sky.
And no one around to justify all the footprints and track marks in the snow!

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