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4 kid activities adults will love

There is a kind of odd middle ground for people who bring their kids to Ocean City. On the one hand, you want to be a responsible looking adult, but on the other hand there are so many things that look like so much fun. Sometimes it isn’t possible to participate for your own amusement without looking too goofy, but there are lots of ways to enjoy yourself while giving the kids a good time and not spending a blue fortune. For example:

The view above, photo courtesy CoastalPalmsHotel.com

Watch a kid’s Movie on the Beach!

Sometimes, between the beach, dinner and the Boardwalk it is tough to make an evening that doesn’t depend on engaged fun. Don’t get me wrong, I never get tired of following my kids up and down the Boardwalk for hours on end, but in case you do, consider spending a Wednesday night at the movies on the beach.

If you’ve never been, the uptown event features a family friendly movie that also isn’t painfully lame. Grab yourself a couple of snacks and head to the Carousel Hotel on 118th Street, bring a chair of construct one from sand and cover it with a blanket, and let the summer breeze keep you cool while you enjoy a movie on the beach.

Attend and old-timey free circus

Each year Jolly Rogers puts on a free circus on its grounds that is a site to behold. In honor of one of the greatest traditions of Boardwalk life, the free circus (which is held uptown a bit, on 30th street) is aimed at keeping people out and having fun. It develops a kind of culture of fun that is meant to carry through long after the shows (beginning at 5 and 9:30 p.m. respectively) end. Here’s a sneak peek.

Sundaes in the park

Sundaes in the Park!

All throughout the summer, Sundays in Northside Park features Sundaes in the Park. The weekly event provides an opportunity to kick back for an evening and watch an engaging, family-appropriate act (for example there’s a Journey Tribute Band one week) and just enjoy being outside. There are plenty of free events and activities for kids that change from week to week but have included demonstrations by the Salisbury Zoo with life animals, face-painting and other activities to keep the kids entertained. Oh. And there is ice cream.

For a small fee people can build their own ice cream sundaes. I usually tell them I’m making it for one of my younger children. Hang around of an evening and you’ll see fireworks, even if you miss the official…

Ocean City Fireworks!

If you’re coming to town this weekend, you definitely will see the fireworks all over town. In addition to the fireworks at the Inlet, there is also a concert and fireworks display uptown at Northside Park. Remember, no one can hear you “Oooh and Aaah” in a crowd of thousands, so let yourself go. And fireworks aren’t just for the Fourth of July — they’re for every Monday and Tuesday night in the summer! If you’re coming later in the week and want to see fireworks, just swing by Northside Park on a Sunday night.

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