Twelve unique rooms, endless peace and tranquility at The Edge hotel

Twelve unique rooms, endless peace and tranquility at The Edge hotel


Like its next-door neighbor the Lighthouse Club, The Edge is a designer hotel and part of the sweeping bayside resort known as Fager’s Island. Unlike the Lighthouse Club, however, or any other hotel in Ocean City, each of the 12 suites in The Edge is decorated according to a different theme. The Left Bank, Riviera, Bliss, Safari, Contemporary, Monkey Island, Michelle, Bali, No. 9, Orient Express, South Beach Penthouse and Hang Five Penthouse each come with their own distinct personality and flavor — not to mention bay-facing Jacuzzi tubs, luxurious marble bathrooms and unique furniture and decor from around the world. 

It’s all in the details at the Lighthouse Club on Fager’s Island

Ocean City’s bayside has steadily become a more popular hub for vacationers over the decades; not only to the boaters, who already know from experience all the delights of the Assawoman and Isle of Wight bays, but now for the families, couples and friends who have discovered that nothing beats a sunset over the peninsula, too.

Built in 2005, The Edge is accessible on its north side from a bridge that connects the hotel with Fager’s Island restaurant, and on its south side from a bridge that connects the hotel with Fager’s Lighthouse Club (this one can be driven over, and is accessible from Coastal Highway). It’s intimate, peaceful, and a little quieter than what you’d find at most Ocean City hotels — or, really, anywhere else in Ocean City at all. 

Fager’s provides what’s probably the most ‘resort’ experience in town. Hotel guests can easily walk to the restaurant for a drink or an entire meal, and guests at the Lighthouse Club can take a dip in the pool at The Edge while guests at The Edge can socialize and enjoy fresh-baked cookies provided every evening at the Lighthouse Club. 

Take a peek at some of the suites in The Edge and decide for yourself which one would lend itself to your perfect couples’ getaway — or just roll the dice and pick any suite at random, because they’re all comfortable, beautiful and equipped with gorgeous views of the Isle of Wight Bay. It’s hard to go wrong.

But if you particularly love monkeys, you should probably stay a night in Monkey Island.

Looking at The Edge hotel and glimpsing at its pool from the south entrance.
The breezeway provides a cool and colorful spot to lounge in the summer, where guests can still take in the sights, sounds and smells of the bay.
The pool is available to guests of both The Edge and the Lighthouse Club hotels. They can swim, lounge and enjoy frozen drinks and lunch served by the water.
The Left Bank: A spacious handicap-accessible room, the Left Bank was designed with urban French decor in mind. Every suite — and heart-shaped Jacuzzi tub — in The Edge faces the bay. “When we have bad weather days, people say, ‘I really don’t mind staying in the room, it’s fine!'” said Angela Reynolds, Managing Director of Hotels at Fager’s Island.
The Riviera: The Riviera features sensuous Italian surroundings, including an ornate gold king-sized bed, curved sofa and marble green electric fireplace. 
Another Jacuzzi in the window.
The Bliss: The Tibet-inspired Bliss is a bi-level, two-bedroom suite that overlooks the pool. 
The Contemporary: Like the Left Bank suite, the bed in the Contemporary is imported from France. The split-level, art deco-styled room features a red chaise lounge next to the Jacuzzi that beckons guests to watch the tides ebb and flow until the sun sets.
The Contemporary is additionally decorated with wall hangings and pillows handmade by Serbian women. “This hotel was built around the time of the Serbian war, so these were made by women to support the war effort,” Reynolds said.
Monkey Island: “This is a fun room, lots of monkeys,” Reynolds said. “John [Fager] loves monkeys, as you would know by his Bad Monkey restaurant.” In Monkey Island, monkeys see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil; there’s also a large model racing sailboat that hangs from the ceiling and a wall of photographs that showcases racing boats of the early 1900s. 
The Michelle: Named after Fager’s wife, the Michelle is an elegant, French-influenced suite featuring a four-poster king-sized bed and period sofa and chair.
The Michelle, like the other suites, also features breathtaking views that most guests wouldn’t mind waking up to each morning.
The Bali: The Bali is a smaller, intimate suite with hints of Bali’s history carved into the bed’s headboard; it’s made of a screen that Fager picked up from the island, which the rest of the bed was built around. The Bali also features Balinese wedding oars and baskets.
And in the bathroom of the Bali, a piece of island artwork lights up the space. “John just sends things to me sometimes, he sent two of these back and when I got them I thought, ‘what is he going to use these for?’” Reynolds said. “He said, don’t put them anywhere, wait ’til I get home, I know exactly what I want to do with them… He put them in as a nightlight and had the electrician put a light behind them. So we have two rooms with those in them.”
Egrets nest outside the hotel in a photo taken from the balcony of the Island Monkey. “After we built this property they didn’t come back for like 10 years, and now they’re coming back,” Reynolds said.
The Edge

The Edge

201 60th Street, Ocean City, MD

The Edge is located on 56th Street next to the Lighthouse Club Hotel on the Isle of Wight Bay. Each of its twelve suites are individually and beautifully designed and furnished, reflecting sophistication with the simplicity of the beach. This small boutique designer hotel is positioned at the waters edge on the Isle of Wight Bay and offers an...

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