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Town of Ocean City Offering Free Plants to Property Owners

Program to Help Create Habitat and Prevent Erosion

Ocean City, Maryland – (February 2, 2021): For the 16th year in a row, the Town of Ocean City will be offering beach district plants to the public for planting in the secondary dune area. The plants being offered are hardy plants that tolerate the harsh environment of the ocean front areas. In addition, these plants provide habitat enhancement, food and shelter, water quality treatment and erosion control to the secondary dune area, which tends to be overlooked and needs attention.

“We began this program to help create habitat and prevent erosion of the area behind the dune which was in need of attention,” said Town of Ocean City Environmental Engineer Gail Blazer. “The plants are very beneficial to the stability of the dune system and help with erosion and scour. Our residents and property owners love the program and it benefits the environment and the beach, so it is a win for everyone.”

Property Owners can get up to $150 in Plant Grants

Ocean front and ocean side residents will have the opportunity to order plants that will need to be picked up at a predetermined date and time. Suitable plants to add to a secondary dune area include beach grass, bayberry, rugosa rose, beach plum, high tide bush, red cedar and panic grass. Applications are now being accepted, however, the deadline for all applications is March 5, 2021.

Plant Options Include:

Ocean City Plant Grant form


Application Information – Deadline is March 5th

For more information or to receive an application, please contact Gail Blazer in the Town’s Engineering Department at (410) 289-8825 or email gblazer@oceancitymd.gov. Also, more information is provided by visiting https://oceancitymd.gov/beachgrant.


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