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So you think you know Ocean City well? Take this quiz to find out how well

Think you know Ocean city inside out? You visit almost ever year, sometimes more than once. You’ve been coming here since you were a child and now you bring your grand kids! We get it, it’s your happy place. But how well do you really know Ocean City Md? See if you can name where each of these photos were take. Answers at the bottom of the page. No cheating!

1. Where must you stand to look down at these kayaks?
2. Which hotel can you take a seat on a blue rocking chair to watch the comings and goings on the Boardwalk?
3. Between which two streets will you find this sign on Coastal Highway?
4. Where do these white tents pop up in late October?
5. Jelly fish lights and fish tanks, but which hotel?
6. Which restaurant must you be watching the sunset from to get this view of the Rt 50 bridge?
7. Where can you take a walk around this pond?
8. Where can you get a complimentary cup of tea at 3pm every day?
9. Where will you be spending time if you can see this clock?
10. Which hotel can you have a giant game of chess?
11. A little seat in the shade, but do you know which street?
12. Which hotel are you staying to be looking down at these red umbrellas?
13. At which park can you exercise to work off all the french fries, pizza and ice cream?
14. A stormy day at which bayside restaurant?
15. Which hotel was this view taken from?
16. Popcorn, yes, but where?
17. Can you figure out the exact street you can find this view?
18. Where will you find this mosaic?
19. At which Ocean City park can you stop and smell these flowers?
20. Rambling cottages, sadly not all there any more. But do you know where they were?
21. Which hotel has this wall of glass looking onto the beach?
22. Where will you find this iconic VW bus?
23. Where can you decorate your own sundaes all summer long?
24. Which hotel has this view of the canal?
25. The lobby at which hotel?
26. Where is this tower located?
27. A winter view of which tropical restaurant?
28. Where would you find this rather plain row of houses?
29. Which Boardwalk store has this and much more to entice every kid inside?
30. Where is this White Marlin jumping?
31. Where would you find this bayside boardwalk?
32. Where do these flag poles stand tall?



  1. On the roof top of the Princess Bayside Hotel
  2.  The Park Place Hotel
  3. Between 145th and 146th Streets
  4. Northside Park
  5. Residence Inn Ocean City
  6. The Angler
  7. Northside Park
  8. The Dunes Manor
  9. Hooper’s Crab House
  10. Grand Hotel and Spa
  11. 11th Street and Baltimore Avenue
  12. Commander Hotel
  13. Northside Park
  14. Macky’s Bayside Grill
  15. Clarion Resort
  16. Fisher’s Popcorn on the Boardwalk
  17. Twin Tree Road, off 139th Street
  18. On the Boardwalk at Somerset St
  19. Sunset Park
  20. St Louis Avenue between N Division Street and 1 st Street
  21. Princess Royale
  22. Backshore Brewing 10th Street on the Boardwalk
  23. Sundaes in the Park, Northside Park
  24. Fairfield Inn
  25. Aloft Ocean City
  26. Southern end of the Boardwalk, by the Ocean City Life Saving Museum
  27. Seacrets
  28. Somerset Street
  29. Kite Loft
  30. The fountain at North Division Street, as you enter Ocean City from the Rt 50 Bridge
  31. Behind the Ocean City Convention Center
  32. Northside Park


32 out of 32 – You are an Ocean City expert, you probably know more about this town than we do! Want to work for us?

25-31  correct – You really know your stuff, a couple of these questions were a little tricky. Well done!

15-24 correct – You might want to get off the beach a little more.

9-14 correct- You really should try to visit a little more often. Go on, have another go at the quiz and see if you do better this time.

0-8 correct- Have you ever been to Ocean City Md?



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