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Snapshots of Assateague Island

A Gallery of the Beach


Horses graze along the road at Assateague Island.


Traveling in a pack, the horses trot beside a park ranger.


The waves break close to the shore on Assateague.


Roasting marshmallows over a fire for  s’mores on the beach.


The sunrise peaks out of the horizon on Assateague Island State Park.


Assateague ponies oblivious to us.


A horse looks for  snacks.  DON’T FEED THE PONIES!


You might find yourself alone with the ocean at 5 AM.


A morning’s palette on Assateague.


The sun slowly goes down below the dunes to end a wonderful beach day.


The fire’s embers burn just like the colors of the sky.


The sun radiates as it sets.


The ocean and sky  display hues of blue and purple.


A horse lingers close to the bridge at sunset, stopping traffic.


A horse picks up a beach-goer’s bag and flings it, interested in its contents.


People watch the sunrise on the 3rd of July in hopes of getting a good spot during the busiest time of the year.


You can catch the best views of the sunset and still, tranquil water on the bay side.


Ocean City and Assateague have breath-taking views of the sky.

Photos taken by Mikayla Denault


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