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Roar and Score: Tee Off and Climb High at Jurassic Mini Golf in Ocean City, MD!

Calling all golf-loving adventurers! Get ready to swing into action as we explore the latest changes to Nick’s Jurassic Mini Golf in Ocean City. Originally located on 18th Street, this dino-themed wonderland had to make some changes when plans for a new office complex were approved. Nick’s Golf packed up its triceratops and T-Rexes and relocated to 19th Street. But before the dinosaurs could make roots at this location, they headed a couple of blocks further north, and Nick’s Golf has now made its home at 21st Street and Coastal Highway, bringing with it all the prehistoric excitement you can handle.

However, this is not merely the creation of a new mini-golf course in Ocean City, but also a soaring Ropes Course, which will tower above the greens. There is no age limit for the Ropes Course, but a height requirement of 48″ tall will allow kids from around the age of six or seven, and above, to take part in all the fun. The course boasts two levels, the first commencing at a dizzying height of 12 feet, while the second level, at a towering height of 24 feet, beckons the daring at heart. With access to play on both levels, you can expect to spend between 30-45 minutes navigating the course, with generous time slots of up to an hour, ensuring one can savour each moment without a sense of haste. The obstacles on the course vary in difficulty, and anyone able to climb the steps can complete the course with ease. In the event of a fall, you will be able to regain your footing and ascend to the platforms with ease!

With excitement soaring to new heights, keep your eyes peeled here for the latest updates on Nick’s Jurassic Themed Mini Golf and Ropes Course, and brace yourself for an adventure like no other! Hoping to open Easter 2024.

Original 18th Street Jurasic Golf
The Dinosaurs are gone from 18th Street, with not much left behind.
Ready to migrate from 18th Street


Waiting patiently for their chance to find a new home
The herd is getting ready to migrate north from 18th Street
The new parking lot location, at 21st
The new 21st St location is beginning to take shape
The new Ropes Course looks exciting!
Stegosaurus is happy to have a new home!
Someone looks happy with their new location
Climbing high on the new Ropes Course
This big guy is getting ready to welcome you to 21st Street!
Get ready to unleash your inner Indiana Jones at the upcoming 21st Street Jurassic Themed Mini Golf and Ropes Course, arriving hopefully in time for St Patrick’s Day weekend 2024! Ocean City Maryland’s newest miniature golf course!

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Anne grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and came across Ocean City for the first time over 25 years ago and shortly after it became her permanent home.  When time allows, Anne still loves to travel. She has been with OceanCity.com since September 2014.

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