Where a Sandwich is a Meal- Billy’s Wins Best Of Ocean City- Subs

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Billy's Sub Shop wins Best of Ocean City- Subs 2023

For a second year straight, Billy’s Sub Shop on 140th street wins The Best Of Ocean City® Subs. And it’s no wonder. The popular shop, which changed the Ocean City scene in 1959, stands by their slogan, “Where a sandwich is a meal.”


First Cold Cuts in OCMD

billys sub shop
Voted Best of Ocean City Subs 2023!

A cold cut pioneer of sorts, William “Billy Thompson,” brought what we all know and love today into Ocean City- the cold cut sub. Long before Ocean City was peppered with sub shops and local restaurants, Billy Thompson would bring back these incredible subs from Philadelphia. With an idea in his head to start a sub shop here at the beach, he started an entire legacy.


Several years ago, Thompson, who passed away in 2018, and gifted his shops to local William, “Biff,” Neely. He established a total of 6 sub shops along the coast of Ocean City. Gradually throughout the years, it was decided that having one main location would be most beneficial to the business. And the 140th street location, the original, still stands there today. “We were the first place to offer delivery subs in Ocean City.” And what a great idea that was!


Longevity and Locals

billy's sub shop
A variety of subs are listed including the most ordered cold cut sub.

What makes Billy’s Sub Shop stand out among the others? It’s a little bit of everything. Locals come in for their weekly orders. Their Tuesday and Wednesday half price pizza is very popular with the locals in the off season. Patrons who work here in Ocean City stop in for a quick bite on their lunch break and sit at the 6 booths that sit on the opposite side of the kitchen. And vacationers trek in after a long day at the beach still in bathing suits sporting their sunburns. 


Billy’s Sub Shop is open year round, 11am-11pm. However as the busy summer season begins to dwindle down, the shop will close on Mondays and modify their hours to close at 10pm. 


What to Order

billys sub shop
Try a banana strawberry milkshake at Billy’s Sub Shop.

According to five year employee Reese, the most ordered sub is obviously the cold cut. “We slice our own meats,” which makes it taste extremely fresh. Fresh vegetables are ordered every day and fresh bread deliveries come in every morning. “Orders for bread must be made by 7pm the evening before. Our bread comes in from Philadelphia, freshly made. If I don’t make the order the night before, no one would be making our bread in the morning,” commented owner Biff Neely. Another popular sub is the cheesesteak sub.


Employee Favorites

billy's sub shop
Eat in, take out, or get delivery from Billy’s Sub Shop.

We talked to Piper, a junior at Indian River High School, who’s been working at Billy’s for two years. “My favorite would have to be the turkey sub. I love to add hots, lettuce, and mayo.” That just sounds delicious. Reese, a five year employee’s go to sub is the meatball sub. “The sauce and provolone cheese go perfectly together.” We can picture it now on that fresh sub roll. Owner Biff Neely, mentioned that his favorite pizza in the shop is the white pizza- an olive oil, fresh basil, garlic, and mozzarella cheese. Sign us up!

In addition to subs, Billy’s offers delicious pizza. Sticking with the freshest ingredients, they even make their own sauce. But that’s not all! Billy’s whips up some incredible milkshakes as well. Two of Biff’s favorites are Banana Strawberry, made with fresh bananas, and the peanut butter milkshake. He even mentioned one day being brave enough to mix up a peanut butter and banana shake- call it The Elvis?


Summer Students at Billy’s Sub Shop

billy's sub shop
The hardest working team makes for a great summer.

In addition to employing locals, Biff Neely is part of the J1 agency, where students from other countries come to Ocean City and work for the summer. This 2023 summer, 6 J1 students worked at Billy’s Sub Shop. It’s a great way to get extra help in the summer and students are always eager to work. It’s always tough when everyone has to go home after the summer.


Why are we the Best Sub Shop in Ocean City?

billy's sub shop
Can’t miss the beach shark while you’re hanging out having a sub for lunch.

Billy’s has over 55 years of experience.Then mix that with humble beginnings serving the Ocean City community. Billy’s prides itself on using the freshest ingredients and serving the local area. There is no doubt that they will continue to serve The Best of Ocean City® Subs 2023.




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