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Photo Friday Contest Winner June 3rd 2022

Thank you for all the submissions we had for our Photo Friday Contest, our first for 2022. We love receiving photos of your vacation here in Ocean City Md, and we have put together a selection of your pictures submitted this week. They show friends and family, the young and the young at heart, family pets, horseshoe crabs and one footed seagulls! There’s plenty of sunrises and sunsets, Memorial Day flags, Ferris Wheels and cruiser’s wheels. This week’s randomly selected winner of two FREE tickets to Jolly Roger is Brittany George Cropper for this great picture of her daughter doing what we probably all wish we could do at some point – loosing ourselves in a large Thrasher’s fries! Congratulations Brittany! Keep taking pictures of Ocean City, and be on the look out for next week’s Photo Friday Contest.

Brittany George Cropper Just went to Jolly Rogers a few weeks ago & had to stop for thrashers! 🍟 & this shows how much my daughter loves them.
Angie Credal Last weekend was beautiful but the water was cold.
Regina Smith My grandbabies 1st trip to the beach
Pinky Ward Kelbaugh Yesterday putting our Lock of Love for 55 years on the Pier
Nytazha Milani I love the view!
Nicole Montegari Enjoying the beach for the first time this season.
Amber Wojnarek Longabaugh
Glenda Dauberman Beautiful sunrise on my 2nd day here. My favorite time of the day
Sharita Tanner It’s not a trip to OC unless you stop for a bucket of Thrasher’s Fries ! Would love to win to come back soon
Jacinda Carrera Memorial Day Sunrise
Jack Underwood
Joy Minkove
Lamecca Jackson Osborne
Melissa Mendoff Catch 23 coming in the inlet
Jacinda Carrera Views with Myla
Jeremy Pepboys Speedshop Cornwell
Becca Marie The morning sunrise from our trip in April.
Amanda Ross Shell coverd horseshoe crab on the surf
Amber Wojnarek Longabaugh
Andrew Walak Golden Sands Sunset
Angeline Harris Took this at the park!
Barb Miller Spent O❤️R honey moon in OC
Becca Marie The morning sunrise from our trip in April.
Brittany Albertini
Brooke Wunderley Hrinda
Carlie Jones Our first sunrise together
CG Wantz Hometown Heroes. My Dad
Chris Wildisan
Christina Flaugh America the beautiful on the boards
Christine Feola Anniversary trip in March!!
Dana Dreese-China
David Rossbach
Dawn Lynn A bright sky at kite fest 2022.
Debbie Hoffman First trip to the beach and I ❤️ it !
Deborah Jean Hines Velte My grandkids on the boards at OC last July. Been bringing them to the beach since they were babies.
Denny N Mel Weaver
Diane Cuvo
Donna Kauffman Grusholt Love the Lankford Hotel !!! People meeting people.
Dylan Kurtz Jumping into the new day in OCMD
Ginny Lynch
Glenda Dauberman Love watching the seagulls play, he landed right on his back
Heather Henry Our two favorites.. the beach and boardwalk around 14th Street!
Jacinda Carrera Beautiful sunset by the bay
Jack Underwood
Jaclyn Unger My special needs daughter loves kite flying on the beach! And we always go to Jolly Roger!!
Jamie Herman Sunset over Fish Tales during our spring trip to OC
Jen Kolberg Found this horseshoe crab cruising the beach early on a Sunday morning…
Jenna Malinich Dead Freddie’s MD Mustang club car show!
Jennie Dennis Ritt Sunset behind the Golden Sands
Jennie Kettering My 3 kids sitting near the beach
Jennifer Stevens
Jeremy Pepboys Speedshop Cornwell
Jerica Mull our one footed friend on the boardwalk!
Joanne Latham
Joy Minkove
Joyceann Weiman-Hartman
Karen Booth Williams Our view from my friends condo…. 90th street
Karrie Hook
Kathy Reynolds Gaden Our deck view sunrise in WOC!!
Kendra Mumma My favorite view from my favorite restaurant Ropewalk Ocean City
Kim Geruntino Schmidt Brass Balls Saloon. Great spot to stop.
Kimberly Ann Burdette Kids rode the giant wheel last night!
Kristi Marsh Sunrise & Toes in the sand for my 20th wedding anniversary
Kristy Lackey Valentines Day with my love in my favorite place with snow on the beach
Kristyn Rinaldi-Rodriguez Northside park pier in August for my daughters engagement proposal.
Kylee Shingleton My baby’s very first beach trip last year
Lamecca Jackson Osborne
Lara Moore
Laura Armitage Smith Sunrise is always just a lil sweeter here
Lauren Russell Our home away from home. Our boys have grown up here for the last 6 summers.
Leslie Price Our view from the grand Hotel
Lindsey Raup Here is our picture from last September, a day we will never forget. Got engaged on the beach in Ocean City. Now we can’t wait to come back this September ( bike week) on the same weekend
Lis M Pervola Friday morning on the boardwalk, the beginning of Memorial Day weekend, remember to honor those who gave their lives while serving our country.
Lucinda Harbaugh Doulos
Marisa Poor Saturdays are for the beach
Megan Walling In the middle of the bay on a sand bank!
Melissa Vecera
Merideth Robinson Burton View from the 11th floor of the SeaWatch, looking north.
Michael Smith Enjoying a chilly December morning watching the waves.
Michele Bruce Ocean city Thanksgiving 2021 …This picture definitely makes you thankful for our beautiful beach…
Nancy Reber
Natasha Jordan
Robert Carbaugh Cruise week in my 1929 Street Rod, setting on 25th street with the sunset over the bay!
Rochelle Moyer Boardwalk Parade during Crusin’ May 2022!
Nicole DiPadova When i looked back at my pictures from last weekend i loved this shot i caught with the sun and clouds perfect !
Sarah Ann Seagull in the sunrise taken April 23rd 2022 at 12th st
Stacie Skiles Plank Fabulous view from our balcony.
Shannon McCall
Shannon Jackson Last weekend (5/21/22) My 4 year old daughter had the beach all to herself
Selenna Jaymz
Tiffany Smith Darmstead My sons first time at the beach! It was chilly but he loved it! The slide was his favorite!
Tonya Farmer We won the big one!
Tracy Garner-Thompson Sunrise 140th Street
Wendy Hale This is Billie enjoying a sunrise in April on spring break!
Anne grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and came across Ocean City for the first time over 30 years ago and shortly after it became her permanent home.  When time allows, Anne still loves to travel. She has been with OceanCity.com since September 2014.

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