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Photo Friday Contest Winner August 3rd 2023

Thank you for all the wonderful photos you shared with us this week for our Photo Friday Contest. We received pictures of sunrises and sunsets, old friends and new friends, fireworks, French fries, baby’s first time in Ocean City, siblings hanging out, and everyone making memories which will last a life time. We love receiving photos taken during your vacation here in Ocean City Md, and we have put together a selection of your pictures sent to us this week.  This week’s randomly selected winner of two FREE tickets to Jolly Roger Amusement Parks is Tina Wagner for this great picture of someone who enjoys the beach all day long in Ocean City. Congratulations Tina! Keep taking pictures of Ocean City, and be on the look out for our next Photo Friday Contest starting tomorrow, Friday August 4th, on Facebook, and please remember to include a sentence telling us what’s going on in your picture! 

Please be aware, we will ALWAYS ANNOUNCE THE WINNER AS A POST, never in comments, and we will NEVER ASK YOU TO CLICK on anything. Please do not respond to any comments that say you have won. We block and report any users who pretend to be us. We do not have any membership opportunities. We NEVER ask for a credit card.

Tina Wagner – Enjoying the beach from sun up to sun down. Our happy place


Shannon Nicole -Beautiful walk after dinner!
Tiffany Chamberlain Bock – From July 12. Perfect morning
Kristy Ann – Nothing like an early morning trip down to the beach to collect seashells in your pajamas. This was taken outside of the Princess Royale.
Stacey Arthur – our annual picture at the beach with our twins
Beth Patrick McCord – View from outside fish tails. Looking towards the bay.
Kristie Cameron -Maryjanes first trip to the beach! (Dog beach) She’s loves swimming and would rather be in the water than anywhere else. We traveled all the way from Morgantown, WV for her to experience salt water and waves from the ocean before she gets to old. (She’s 9). In the summer we find a new swimming spot every year and go “waterfall chasing” back home in WV but I knew it was time for her to experience the ocean.
Ashley Branagan – Sand Is the New Snow! We take our annual Christmas card photos at the beach each year!
Gigi Conti Crowley – Nothing like the OCMD views. As seen on 52nd street
Lauren Lower Shutt – We recently came to visit family that lives in ocean city and our daughter got to spend the week with her cousin!
Jana Wagoner – My son’s baseball team and their families enjoyed a great meal at Fish Tales while playing in a tournament earlier this year.
Shari Bell – At the anglers restaurant waiting for the foodie tour to start… So much fun and the view was awesome
Tammy Ann – Sisters


Marissa Shannon – Kids had the best time by PAR
Krystal Clark – OC Sunrise!
Lisa Dillon – First bite of Thrashers! I don’t know if the seagulls or kids ate more!
Manie Gartrell – Dad trying to hold the wave back lol
Becky Janellen – Now bring me that horizon
Jana Wagoner – My son’s baseball team and their families enjoyed a great meal at Fish Tales while playing in a tournament earlier this year.
Emily Pridgen – All the favorite things the rides, the rocks, the sunsets, the water the beach and family time
John Gowaty – This is my family on the 9th street pier. My grand kids catch crabs there every year. Fourth of July weekend
Amber Baumgardner – My baby girl, Brooklynn’s first beach trip!! She is 8 months old and absolutely loves to play in the sand!! I also visited Ocean City for the first time when I was around her age.
Jessica Weller – When you arrive at 9:30am but can’t check in until 4pm, you go lay on the beach and swim in the ocean ❤️ water was PERFECT last week!


Gabrielle Berri – Prepping little brother for next year (now this years) first haunted house 👻 telling him there’s nothing to be afraid of:) We go in a couple weeks and i can’t wait since he’s big enough to go on!


Barbara Vitabile – All 4 grandkids together, soaking up all oc has to offer.. lost time was 2 yrs ago
Stephanie Miller –
Finally got up for the sun rise last week and it did not disappoint
Deb Lake – July 4th 2023 grandkids first time in O.C
Laura Ward – We had a celebration of life bonfire for my Father in law who passed in January. It was the most beautiful evening. I love how our bonfire crew unknowingly turned into a heart. He loved Ocean City
Meg Laurinaitis – Hub’s milestone Birthday October 2022 at the inlet pier. He’s got our whole world in his hands.


Linda Tittiger – With my grandbabies


Beth Patrick McCord – View from the top of the Farris wheel before it was moved.


Kourtney Graziani – Our first time staying at the carousel hotel was a success! The pure joy on my Gunther’s face says it all!


Danielle Blair – My favorite view!


Lee Ann Doane – boardwalk parking lot!!! w my daughter


Katelyn Powell – To meeting new friends on the beach
Yomaira Diaz – Nothing more beautiful than the view of the ocean
Sarah Sypolt – Haunted House electrocution.


Sonny Hann – My wife Waves are coming oh no our friends daughter time too get outta dodge 7-2023 ocean city md


Sam Hain – We started taking pics 2 years ago with our Baby Yoda at random spots in Ocean City Maryland. Now it’s tradition 😂 This was taken a few nights ago.


Debby Brown – Birmingham Harrell
3 generations beachin it up


Jeff Loff – June OC sunrise!


Breanna Fernandez – my sons favorite place in the whole world is the beach & jolly rogers that’s all he wanted to do for his birthday


Sonny Hann – My wife Waves are coming oh no our friends daughter time too get outta dodge 7-2023 ocean city md


Kayla Englehardt – Enjoying a windy beach day in June this year


Cindy Ballew Hurley – Fishtale and some Snapchat filter


Cindy Ballew Hurley – It will be fun they said


Chelle Belle – Big sis, Lily, walking with her little brother, Oliver, heading toward the Boardwalk for some ice cream.


Lana Eisenhart Souder – My daughter and my grandkids enjoying the beach!


Holly Elizabeth – My dad and my son looking at a plane flying by while playing on the Boardwalk playground


Ginger Baltimore – My JuJu’s first encounter with one of the locals.


Darla Lytle – My granddaughters wedding on the beach it was beautiful


Missy Ryan – My son and other surfers in prayer before hitting the waves.


Joan Gregorowicz Hager – Sandy hair, don’t care! Cousins making beach memories OCMD


Carly Brzoska – Baby boy announcement


Krista Knight – 13th St. Sunrise


Bill LaRoss – First time riding bikes in OCMD.


Jade Jordan – Memorial day weekend! We are planning to come back before the summer is over!


Lisa Falba – Welcome to OC!


Gina Twardoski Reitter – The one-legged seagull!


Tiffani Dawn – The legendary tire . To u this might be a picture of just ppl taking a pic with the tire . To me it’s the last beach vacation I got to create with my momma. To my momma it was her in her glory with her grandkids. She love oc . I will forever cherish oc n the memories I had with her . R.i.p April 28 2023


Elizabeth Ann Hayes – Santa sighting 7/20/23


Lois Wright – Been coming to OC since I was a kid. Brought my daughters now another generation…. Grandkids. So much to do for everyone.


Christina Gomez – Gorgeous sunset beach pics before night fishing on 90th street


Debby Brown – Birmingham Harrell – Decorating for Breast cancer awareness parade


Linda Jarboe – After the storm…GOD IS BEAUTIFUL


Deb Lake – July 4th 2023 grandkids first time in O.C


Misty Hanna – My Thrashers “Fry Monster”. This was our last trip as a family to OC with my oldest son. He loved OC, loved Thrashers….. – He passed away 2 months after our trip. So it’s a tradition now every year we go to OC we have to get Thrashers….


Patti Moore – Girls weekend getaway with the best friend


Kelly O’Keane – Always a favorite part of a visit to the boardwalk in Ocean City!


Karen Beardsley – Sunset boat ride by the inlet


Dawn Wright-Diggs – My crew


Regina Ianozi – Being goofy with family, and having fun


Megan Valentine – God bless America 🇺🇸 and ocean city


Sabrina Livermore – All of my daughters dreams came true when she saw Santa at the beach. She could not believe it and couldn’t stop staring at him. He noticed and came over to her. My daughter couldn’t stop smiling she started crying tears of joy. She talked about it for days and days afterwards saying how she saw Santa on vacation at the beach! OCMD 2023.


Krissi Smith – 125th st found me 2 years ago when we moved from midtown to north Oc. Best decision ever!!
Anne grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and came across Ocean City for the first time over 30 years ago and shortly after it became her permanent home.  When time allows, Anne still loves to travel. She has been with OceanCity.com since September 2014.

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