Photo Friday Contest Winner August 17th 2023

Thank you for all the wonderful photos you shared with us this week for our Photo Friday Contest. We received pictures of sunrises, sunsets and storms, family and friends, boat rides, Boards walks, arcades, rides, big waves, big hugs, big seagulls, big jumps in the waves and even bigger smiles! We love receiving photos taken during your vacation here in Ocean City Md, and we have put together a selection of your pictures sent to us this week.  This week’s randomly selected winner of two FREE tickets to Jolly Roger Amusement Parks is Michele Kimberly for this great picture of three very excited visitors to Ocean City, eager to start their vacation. We’ve all been there! Congratulations Michele! Keep taking pictures of Ocean City, and be on the look out for our next Photo Friday Contest starting tomorrow, Friday August 18th, on Facebook, and please remember to include a sentence telling us what’s going on in your picture! 

Please be aware, we will ALWAYS ANNOUNCE THE WINNER AS A POST, never in comments, and we will NEVER ASK YOU TO CLICK on anything. Please do not respond to any comments that say you have won. We block and report any users who pretend to be us. We do not have any membership opportunities. We NEVER ask for a credit card.

Michele Kimberly – We had such a great time it’s almost impossible to pick just one photo, but I think this one is the best. This was before we even got to our hotel room. The kids were so excited they almost climbed the fence!


Jennifer Benton – Bayside at its best. Kids love exploring all the crabs, hermits and other creatures. Dogs love the sandbar.


Lauren Nicole – Our little angler was so excited to see all the big fish get weighed in at the 50th Annual White Marlin Open!


Kristen Jones – Fun morning with Island Parasail


Caitlin Lyons – We ❤️ the beach!


Chi Mon Cher – Early morning walk at the boardwalk


Debbie Langenfelder – They really enjoyed being at the beach. Taken at Bonita Beach


Brenda Garcia – We finally won us a giant seagull 😏 a summer dream come true 🎡 we’re locals, and we love the beach. Thank you Ocean city for all our favorite memories


Sharon Parker – Too much fun at the Boardwalk!!


Jess Wright – Kids having fun at the OC Taco Festival!


Paul Noce – our pup, chance


Katy Cole Mullins – Hailos first beach day in Ocean City


Suzi Sharpless Hearn – My boyfriend’s two cuties paddling in the bay by the sandbar.


Ellen Smith Melvin – Some of my girls and myself on one of the Tiki boats in OC.


Kelly Wernz – Cousins enjoying the view on 21st


Melissa Richardson – Enjoying some surf fishing!


Kourtney Graziani – Love seeing the kites every time we go down to the beach! They had Gunther’s favorite a shark!


Brittany George – popping bubbles on the beach!


Kathleen Hetzer – This was our amazing view from our condo on 7/31/23 (77th St). My family has been coming to OC for over 50 years (70 yrs for my mom)! Here’s to many, many more to come!


Amy Baverso – My dog and I had a “girl’s trip” last week. Since I can’t take her to the actual beach, we hung out on our own private beach on the Bayside, complete with a doggy cabana.


Erin Coonradt Conden – We are in OC right now vacationing. This was taken 2 nights ago on the boardwalk. We love visiting every year.


Rebecca Memmo – My 10 year old took this at Northside Park. He caught a Heron in the grass in the picture too. It was a gorgeous summer evening


Brian Hughes – No matter where you are, watching a sunset from the west side of Ocean City is always magical.


Danielle Blair – Just a boy and his new puppy at Northside Park!


Kelly Wright – First time at Jolly Roger Splash Mountain


Amber Dawn Rose-Thorne – Up and ready for the beach!


Heidi Roberts – Living my best life in Ocean City MD


Jeanine Marie – We have a friend who lives in OC, and each time we visit we enjoy some time surf fishing with him.



Jennifer Stevens – Thrashers fries always make you happy!


Katie Walk – My daughter spotted Santa on the boardwalk. Even the big guy vacations at the best!


Jess Lynn – We are down right now as a family we are releasing my mom’s turtle filled with her ashes in it she passed this may and it’s been rough our family’s favorite spot is OCMD thanks to my mom


Kim Chrisman Wolfe – My granddaughters are having a blast.


Briana Lynch – Delicious mini donuts and the ocean make for a GREAT morning!!!


Niki Brooks-Hobbs – boardwalk ready after a morning at the beach


Kim Martin-Peletsky – We normally go to Ocean City every year for vacation. This year didn’t work out for us because my 13 year old had to undergo some medical procedures for his stomach and he was quite bummed that he couldn’t go to the beach. Well, my sister in law had a trip planned for her, her husband and their daughter and asked us if my son wanted to go. So he did get his beach trip this year and I am forever grateful to my family for making this happen for him. He is in his happy place


Laura Ann – Flying a kite after the storm yesterday!


Jennifer Lengel – Pure Beauty, early morning sunrise!


Samantha Fry – We love OCMD! We don’t go anywhere else. This year was my youngest daughter’s first time and she loved it. My oldest (pictured) loves it as well.


Angel Marie – This was last weekend, we get a photo here every year that we come.. it’s become a tradition


Stephanie Wright Cosgrove – First time at Splash Mountain. We loved the master blaster!


Allan Curl – What’s the beach without thrashers


David Merryman – Just another beautiful morning in my favorite place, Ocean City!!


Lisa Dillon – The Incredible Hulk on the board walk!


Beach Town Bungalow –
My granddaughters’s first visit to OCMD!


Theresa Hammer
Ocean city is sweeeeeet! Nothing is sweeter than the beach and sweet summer time. Can’t go to the beach without shopping at the candy store. 🥰 we love OCMD! We Love living in MD!


LeeAnne E Sadowski – Barbie loves OCMD!💕and so do we! Granddaughter Luna is so excited to get to the beach again next week!


Eryn Nicole Marsh – Reppin the Steelers down at our favorite beach! Here we go


Cindy Wynn – Boardwalk 🤩 fun!!


Shannon Howard – A beautiful view from the Carousel.


Kelly Bailor – We got married august 1 on the beach


Jessica Womer – So excited!


Shannon Roof – My daughter brought her her friends. This was Friday, our last day the beach.


Melissa Gray Perry – Running from the waves while searching for breakfast!


Marissa Kylee – We were recently just in ocmd for my sons 5th birthday we celebrated at the lazy lizard and all 36 of us had the best time as always


Kimberly Kinsley – My nephew had a blast this year on the Ferris wheel!


Crystal Twilley – Love where we live. Nothing better then the beach


Laddie Springer – A beautiful sunset at the Inlet.


Gloria Lewis Starling – Always fun at Jolly Roger Amusement Park in OC, MD


Leslie Aurandt – Scuba Steve ready for a swim!


Renee Dinning Ross – My daughter wanted a picture for her insta!


Veronica Reichle – Off our balcony at golden sands last week. 2 days had beautiful rainbows and still a great vacation!


Beverly Burchett – Family always have fun being together at beach


Lauren Stevenson Sanza – We have been going to OC my entire life. My family loves OC and now my kids LOVE OC too.


Ali Garrabrant – Three generations after eating a delicious meal at Ocean 13!


Jen Hubbard – My Little man was a Beast at playing Darts and was So proud & Tickled to win me Sunny the Seagull!


Raye Ellen Taylor Thomas – Watching the boats roll in


Rachel Jonas – Sunset at Ropewalk last night after the down pour yesterday. It was a beautiful night!


Barbara Thompson – Cousin crew


Julie Puschak Felpel – Waiting on the boats to return for the day at the White Marlin Open!


Kimberly Littman – So much fun on the swings and my baby doll too


Melissa Rust – He asked to be buried


Stephanie King – My boys having fun at the 50th anniversary White Marlin Open. Drew loves to keep track of the fish stats!


Holly Ann Zimmerman – We love OCMD, just got back from our family vacation from their last week.


Brittany Pickett – Loving the boards


Kyla Sunday – The kids all loved OCMD! Their nana got them a beach trip for Christmas


Cindy Ballew Hurley – Enjoying the beach life


Kim Dishman – Nothing beats the fishing, in Ocean City Maryland best place on earth


Angela Lumaro – My boys having a great time on the boardwalk!!! We love coming to OC every year


Tony Caciolo – Sunrise 94th st. in front of the Pyramid Condos.


Maggie Brown – Chilly early evening but still having fun


Haley Whitman – Quick family trip to OC last week


Meredeth Sauers Miller – My grand babies at our family vacation to OC!


Tiffany Juggins – Girls trip at Thanksgiving what could be better than fur coats and bathing suits


Julie Cicero – Can’t go to OCMD without stopping at Marty’s!


Mia Hickey – Boogie boarding after the storm the other day! The waves were amazing!


Ange Reid – Charlotte’s 2nd trip to OC and she’s loving the sand!


Christina Holly Marie – Nothing like thrashers fries on the boardwalk


Amy Fitzgerald – Everytime we come to ocean city my son first thing to do is go boogie boarding at the beach 🏝️ he loves ocean city it’s a tradition we do every year as we get here early to go to the beach while our room is getting ready


Samantha Francis Jackson – Shes at the age where she hates her pic taken but because I brought her to OC she said I could take 1 pic. I didn’t think we were gonna make it due to money issues but a day trip was perfect


Kimberly Noble – Little one’s first ocean city trip he is having a blast. He was trying to rescue the whale out of the sand to put it back in the ocean


Brittany Nilo – These cute kids love going to to the beach and having fun together!! They made a make shift table to enjoy a nice lunch on the perfect beach day


Melissa Luckett Vit – Exploring on the OC Boardwalk and taking in all the sites.


Amelia Price Curtis – Battling pirates on the Duckaneer!


Terry Alton – Roxy First Time On The Beach. Ocean City MD.
Caroline Elizabeth – Love the rides!!


Natasha Jordan – Senior photo op at our favorite place


Reina Muñoz – Just enjoy the moment and have fun every second


Jenna Weiss – Nothing like a sunrise on the beach OCMD last week


Anne grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and came across Ocean City for the first time over 25 years ago and shortly after it became her permanent home.  When time allows, Anne still loves to travel. She has been with since September 2014.

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