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Our 2021 Year in Review in Photos

Another year draws to a close, and as we sit here looking out onto the ocean, waiting to see what 2022 will bring us, we decided to take a look back at 2021, to those lazy days spent on the beach and exciting evenings spent on the Boardwalk, to all the happenings and events, the festivals and celebrations, and remember the best from 2021!

January 2021

The year started with a lot of hope, a very cold splash, and a snowfall so small we barely had time to snap a picture of it!

Getting ready for the Penguin Swim, January 1st, 2021
The sun rising on a new day, January 12 2021
The smallest amount of snow on the beach January 28th 2021

February 2021

February saw Ocean City experiencing all types of weather including snow, fog and sunshine! Plus the resort adapted to the ongoing circumstances with a virtual Shore Craft Beer Fest: Love on Tap at the Princess Royale, (and your laptop!). The Blue Ox was bulldozed and we waited to see what would take its place.

A touch of snow at Northside Park on February 12th 2021
And the fog came rolling in! February 16th 2021
Demolition starts on The Blue Ox on 126th Street February 17th to be replaced later in the year with Chipotle
A virtual Shore Craft Beer Festival: Love on Tap at the Princess Royale, February 27th 2021
Cook off at the Virtual Love on Tap craft beer festival

March 2021

March saw the St Patrick’s Day festivities take place, if slightly modified, and Embers was the next building to come down. We had fog and sunshine, sometimes on the same day!

March 4th, the Blue Ox is gone!
A deserted Ocean City Boardwalk, March 4th 2021
St Patrick’s Day 2021 style!
The much loved AYCE Embers on 23rd Street is raised to the ground, March 17th 2021.
The Clarion Hotel is barely visible with the low clouds and drizzle on March 18th 2021
More fog, this time at the Inlet, March 26th, 2021. The reason is unclear!
The month of March ends with one of Ocean City’s famously beautiful sunrises. March 30th 2021

April 2021

April brought some much needed warmer weather, as visitors started to emerge from the depths of winter to appreciate the beach, boardwalk and blossoms at Northside Park

The sun is out, and so are some visitors on April 5th, 2021
The Boardwalk is beginning to come back to life! April 5th 2021.
The Boardwalk is beginning to come back to life! April 5th 2021.
Dramatic skies over the beach on April 16th 2021
The blossom is in bloom at Northside Park, April 16th, 2021
Let’s go fly a kite! The Maryland International Kite Festival April 23rd 2021

May 2021

In May, Springfest arrived, and with it some glorious weather. The Boardwalk tram appeared on our Boardwalk again, and the Cruisers cruised into town. Baja Amusements celebrated 40 years in business, and for Memorial Day, a huge flag was spread out on the beach to celebrate the start of a long awaited summer.

May 7th, and Springfest is with us once again.
Enjoying the music at Springfest, May 7th 2021
The Boardwalk Tram starts to run again, after a long break. May 13th 2021
Northside Park is in full bloom again, May 14th 2021
Welcome Criusers! The Boardwalk parade May 21st 2021
Baja Amusements in West Ocean City celebrate 40 years in business! May 27th 2021
Summer Kick Off Ceremony May 28th 2021

June 2021

June, and our visitors were beginning to fill our hotels once again. Trimper’s Big Wheel made the first of its two appearances on the Boardwalk (or just off the Boardwalk) and the beach began to fill up. The Ocean City Air Show was spectacular, despite some not such spectacular weather, and there were a few stormy days at the beach this month.

Trimper’s Big Wheel makes its first appearance on the Boardwalk June 10th 2021
It’s a beach day! June 17th, 2021
There may not have been blue skies, but the Ocean City Air show was still spectacular! June 19th 2021
Stormy weather cleared the beach on June 22nd 2021
Blue skies framing the beautiful view from the southern end of the Boardwalk across the Inlet towards Assateague Island. June 23rd 2021

July 2021

July and summer was in full swing. The Boardwalk buzzed, the beach beckoned and the Best of Ocean City awards were announced.

It’s July 1st 2021, and visitors are out enjoying the Ocean City Boardwalk
You can almost feel the heat, smell the sun screen and hear the ocean July 14th 2021
There’s nothing like starting the day with an early morning bike ride on the Boardwalk July 16th 2021
The simple pleasures of a vacation at the beach! July 27th 2021
The Best of Ocean City awards announced. Were any of your favorites winners? July 30th 2021

August 2021

August and the heat continued, making it a pleasure to be sitting on the beach! The Nao Santa Maria ship arrives in Ocean City as did the Jeeps for Jeep Week.

This is Ocean City on August 2nd, 2021
How to relax, and let your worries slip away. August 2nd, 2021
The Nao Santa Maria ship arrives in Ocean City, Maryland August 13th 2021
The beach is just waiting for you August 24th 2021
It’s the Jeep Crawl along the Ocean City beach Jeep Week August 26th 2021
Jeeps on show at the Ocean City Convention Center, Jeep Week August 26th 2021

September 2021

September brought slightly slower days, making morning bike rides a pleasure, but things heated up again for the Jelly Fish Festival on the beach. Later in the month Bike Week roared into town and a sunny Sunfest completed the month in style.

It’s September 1st and the Ocean City Boardwalk takes on a slightly slower pace.
Taking it easy with the family on the Boardwalk September 2021
This is what we call the morning rush hour on the Ocean City Boardwalk September 2nd 2021
The family friendly Jellyfish Festival, on the beach on September 4th 2021
Taking it easy and enjoying the music and craft beer at the Jellyfish Festival September 4th 2021
Remembering 9/11 on the Boardwalk
September often feels like one of the best months to visit Ocean City Md September 13th 2021
The bikes roar into town on September 16th 2021 for Bike Week
Ocean City fills up with bikes during Bike Week September 16th 2021
Building starts on the empty lot at 144th Street in North Ocean City Septmber 21st 2021
Sunfest arrives once again, bringing with it open tents, live music and food! September 28th 2021
Enjoying the live music and late summer sunshine at Sunfest September 30th 2021

October 2021

There’s always a change of speed when October comes. The beach is more for walking than sunbathing, and our four legged friends are welcomed back to the beach and Boardwalk with open arms. Preparations for Winterfest began, and the Cruisers arrived back in town for their Boardwalk Parade. BJ’s on the Water came tumbling down, and replacement of boards on the Boardwalk began. The month ended with a fabulous Shore Craft Beer Fest:OCtoberfest at Sunset Park, where sunshine, local craft beer and happy punters were plentiful.

It’s October 1st and time to welcome dogs back to the beach!
The Winterfest of Lights make their first appearance as the Town starts the mammoth taske of assembling them October 5th 2021
Perfect weather for Cruising the Boardwalk October 8th 2021
A firm favorite for many years, BJ’s comes down October 12th 2021
It’s beginning to look a lot like Fall at the Ocean City Life Saving Station Museum October 13th 2021
The replacement of the boards on the Ocean City Boardwalk begins October 15th 2021
October 20th 2021 sunrise.
Shore Craft Beer’s OCtoberfest at Sunset Park returns to its original format October 23rd 2021
OCtoberfest blessed with unseasonably warm weather for the beer festival October 23rd 2021
OCtoberfest cruises on the OC Bayhopper around Assateague Island included a local craft beer! October 23rd 2021

November 2021

November, sometimes a dreary month, sparkled in Ocean City with Light Up Night at the Winterfest of Lights at Northside Park. Seashells, sunrises and beautiful empty beaches summed up the month.

You can have the Boardwalk almost to yourself on November 2nd 2021
The Christmas Tree at Northside Park is up, and now it’s just waiting for the thousands of visitors to arrive and admire it! November 2nd 2021
An unusually large collection of sea shells on the beach on November 4th 2021
Just before the sun rises on November 5th 2021
Spectacular sunrise as always in Ocean City Md November 5th 2021
Enjoying one last unexpectedly warm day at the beach November 9th 2021
Finishing touches on the Winterfest of Lights as it gets ready for Light Up Night November 17th 2021
The spectacular Winterfest of Lights begins November 18th 2021
Ocean City’s police horses enjoy the spectacle November 18th 2021
Sparkle and twinkle all the way at Winterfest of Lights November 18th 2021

December 2021

December brought mild weather, Christmas Parades, quiet beaches and more of those twinkling lights at Winterfest of Lights.

The Ocean City Christmas Parade December 6th 2021. Photo credit: Town of Ocean City
The Ocean City Christmas Parade December 6th 2021. Photo credit: Town of Ocean City
The Ocean City Christmas Parade December 6th 2021. Photo credit: Town of Ocean City
Shhhh, Shhhh , it’s so quiet… December 7th 2021
The Ocean City Life Saving Station ready to be lit up and the sun goes down. December 7th 2021
Visitors continue to enjoy this years walking event through the Winterfest of Lights December 2021
A festive welcome to the Boardwalk! December 2021

So there you have it, a brief review of 2021 in Ocean City Md. We hope you were able to join us this year for some of the fun that can always be found here, and we hope even more you enjoy a happy and safe visit to your happy place in 2022. Happy New Year from all of us here at Ocean City.com.


Anne grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and came across Ocean City for the first time over 30 years ago and shortly after it became her permanent home.  When time allows, Anne still loves to travel. She has been with OceanCity.com since September 2014.

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  1. My wife and I loved OC so much we moved there 2002 from PA. We lived out Rt 589 by Ocean City Downs. I worked at Paradise Services. My wife worked in Salisbury. But because of health issues and other at home issues we moved back to PA. after a few years. We miss OCEAN CITY so bad it hurts. We visit all the time but one day we will return. Forever! The town has so much to offer if you slow down and let it in. Has been that way since my first visit in 1958. Thank-you


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