Ocean City Real Estate Tips: Always be present at the Home Inspection!

If the seller is unable to be present during the home inspection, it’s important for us (the listing agent) to be present at the time of the home inspection. Typically, the buyers-agent and the buyers attend the home inspection. It’s a great way for a new purchaser to learn about the systems, appliances, and see any issues along with the home inspector.  Sometimes, sellers choose to not be in attendance during the home inspection. There are some valid reasons for this.

A good example of this: Very recently, I was asked by the sellers to be present during the entire time of the inspection. I responded with an emphatic ‘YES.’ 

In preparation for the home inspection, and in their absence, the sellers asked me to visit the home the day prior to the inspection, in order to educate and instruct me on their home’s systems, as well as brief me on some of the manuals for those systems. This pre-meeting proved to be very beneficial!

On the day of the inspection, the Skilled Home Inspector, the Eager Buyers, the Dutiful Buyer’s Agent, and I (the Seller’s Agent) were present during the home inspection.  There were some unique systems and equipment in the property and some of it needed explanation and guidance. The information that one of the sellers shared with me during THE PRIOR DAY OF THE HOME INSPECTION – proved very helpful to the incoming buyers. 
Additionally, the buyer’s agent needed to leave earlier than the home inspection’s completion, as he had another appointment to attend. He did not anticipate that the home inspection would require a full 3.5 hours to complete (a typical home inspection is 2-2.5 hours in length).
During the home inspection, the buyers were very thorough, had many questions, and some of the questions were not known by the home inspector. At the end of the inspection, they were all very grateful for my attendance and my knowledge of the home and it’s systems & features.  I believe that most (if not all) of the buyers’ questions were answered, and they will have a better awareness of this home when it transfers to them and they are the new proud owners on settlement day. 

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