“Ocean City From a Kid’s Perspective” as told by Connor Daley, age 9

“Ocean City From a Kid’s Perspective” as told by Connor Daley, age 9


A budding young writer recounts his summer trips to Ocean City. 

By Connor Daley, age 9

In my opinion, the most extraordinary place to visit when you have time during a hot summer, would be the famous Ocean City in Maryland.

Travel to the farthest eastern shores of Maryland to dip your toes in the cool waves of the Atlantic Ocean. While visiting you can swim in the majestic blue waters from dawn until dusk. Dip below the waves on a scuba diving expedition to witness the splendor of Memorial Reef. After your scuba diving expedition has worn you out, take a nap on the sandy beaches, listening to the laughter of children. If you’re not quite tired enough for a nap, no worries, just relax and let your body float on the waves.

More options that you can take advantage of are wind surfing and kayaking, also guaranteed to be loads of fun! Spend your nights in a majestic hotel, I would highly recommend the Carousel Hotel, which even includes an indoor ice skating rink to cool you off! This hotel offers another option you may not expect, you can watch movies on a theater screen right out on the beach!

Save your leftovers, because there are other residents who like them as well, seagulls! We frequently keep popcorn and french fries on hand to offer them a tasty snack.

To end your vacation, be sure to visit the Ferris Wheel in the Jolly Roger Amusement Park to remember all of the fun that you had. Chances are, from up at the top, you’ll be able to see all of the fun places that you’ve been and can spot ideas for your next vacation!

Ocean City offers countless options for everyone, which is why I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun family holiday.

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