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Inside Casita Linda, Ocean City’s New Mexican Bakery and Café

Casita Linda, a bakery and café serving traditional Mexican baked goods, breakfast foods, coffee and espresso, opened to a steady stream of customers on Thursday, April 25. Located on N. Baltimore Avenue in the Monte Carlo Hotel, the new café is now open daily from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., and until 7 p.m. once Memorial Day hits, through the summer.

The menu is still evolving, said Casita Linda manager Cynthia Barragán, but it currently includes a breakfast burrito with ham or chorizo, chilaquiles verde, quesadillas, torta sandwich and salad, baked goods including concha and concha ice cream sandwiches, mole pan dulce and tarts, traditional coffees and horchata lattes and fraps, and a few fruity drinks. Owner Linda Barragán runs the business with her family, who together craft traditional family recipes passed down from their home in Guanajuato, Mexico.

“Our roots are deeply embedded in the soil of Guanajuato, Mexico. Every detail in our creations at Casita Linda hold a lifelong meaning or a memory.” – Casita Linda on Facebook.

Peak inside Ocean City’s new café

Casita Linda Ocean City MD
Outside Ocean City’s newest (and first) Mexican bakery, located inside the Monte Carlo Hotel on N. Baltimore Ave.
Casita Linda Ocean City MD
Seating by the window provides a perfect view of City Hall, and a little bit of Ocean City’s pre-season construction.
Casita Linda Ocean City MD
The Barragán family, who moved to Ocean City from Irapuato, Guanajuato in Mexico in 2006, are bringing traditional Mexican baked goods and breakfasts to Ocean City. From left to right: Javier Barragán, Rosa Barragán, Alicia Jensen, owner Linda Barragán, Stephen Kolarik and manager Cynthia Barragán.
Casita Linda Ocean City MD
One item included on their evolving menu is a torta sandwich, made with ham, chorizo, chicken tinga or beef.
Casita Linda Ocean City MD
In the to-go box is a guava tart topped with a meringue cookie. Underneath it is a lime curd cookie, next to an Agua de Pepino (a fruity cucumber limeade), a horchata latte and an Agua de Jamaica (hibiscus tea).

Casita Linda Ocean City MD

Casita Linda Ocean City MD

Casita Linda Ocean City MD

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