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Ocean City Beach Patrol 2021 Graduation Day

The Ocean City Beach Patrol are a group of men and women who look out for us every day during the summer months on the beach, and are there should the worst happen and we need rescued from the strong waves and currents along the shoreline of Ocean City. Yesterday was the Ocean City Beach Patrol’s  test and graduation day. We captured just a few of the moments that took place. Make sure you thank your local life guard next time to see them!

The beach patrol is on duty every day from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. from the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend through Sunfest weekend.

1930 – Ocean City Beach Patrol (OCBP) established.
1933 – Inlet cut through the beach to the bay.
1935 – Captain Robert S. Craig takes command of the season lifesaving operation
1946 – Beach Patrol expands to 18 personnel — three times the size of the original group.
1977 – First females hired as Ocean City lifeguards.
1987 – Robert S. Craig retires as captain of the Beach Patrol and is succeeded by George A. Schoepf. Schoepf served as Assistant Captain under Craig for over thirty years.
1997 – July The first OCBP JBP is formed
2005 – April Beach Patrol Webpage goes live.
2006 – June First paid JBP Asst. Inst. position
2007 – May the Ocean City Development Corporation begins managing a rooming house that is rented exclusively to Beach Patrol employees
2015 – Beach Patrol moves into a State of the Art Beach Patrol Headquarters at 109 Dorchester St. leaving behind for demolition the old Police Department on Dorchester St.

You can learn more about the Ocean City Beach Patrol here.


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