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O.C. Life-Saving Station Museum Makes a Donation

Ocean City, Maryland – (March 27, 2017): The Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum recently made a donation to the USS Cod Submarine Memorial in Cleveland, Ohio. Paul Farace and his wife, Teresa visited mid-March and selected several artifacts to take back to Cleveland. Along with the pyro locker, other artifacts from the USS Blenny include; two crew mess tables, an officer’s state room sink, main exhaust stop valve wheel, and much more.
In an effort to divest of some of the artifacts that do not fit our mission, the Museum Society has been trying to find new homes for them. Many of the very large items include parts of the USS BLENNY, a navy submarine that was sunk off the coast of Ocean City in 1989 to become an artificial reef. Fortunately, we made contact with members of the USS Cod Submarine Memorial (SS 224), docking in Cleveland, Ohio. The Cod was a squadron mate of the Blenny in WW II and the Blenny rescued six Cod crewmen in August, 1945 when they got stranded aboard a junk in the South China Sea. The Society shipped the name plate of the BLENNY and a torpedo igniter stowage unit earlier this year, but since Paul was going to be in our area in March, he decided to visit the Museum and see what there was in storage.
Pictured above:
Paul Farace, director of the USS Cod Submarine Memorial in Cleveland, and O.C. Life-Saving Station Museum curator, Sandra Hurley inspect a pyrotechnic locker from USS Blenny. The storage box held flares used for signaling nearby friendly ships and aircraft.

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