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Making Memories not just on the sand

Many families flock to Ocean City because of their childhood memories, traditions. Some have come to visit for the first time. Maybe they just love the beach as so many of us do, but memories can be made so many more places than just where the sand meets the surf!

I have been coming to Ocean City since I was around the age of two. Although some years we may have missed because of life circumstances, more than half of my best childhood memories come from the Eastern Shore!

As a child I always remember spending that one week with all my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents in one house all under one roof. The noise, laughter and excitement never seemed to end, but that one night (only one) we got to go out and SHOP. It is something we waited for all year.

For some reason (now as an adult I know why) I always remembered ” Sea Shell City” my cousins and I would stare out of the car window just waiting to see that big pink building and start screaming “there it is!”

Even as I grew older I always had to stop there, browse around, sometimes I may buy something, sometimes just to see the new items for that year. But I always had to stop.

To this day my children now ask on that one night they are allowed to go shopping “Sea Shell City” is the first stop. To see their eyes light up and their faces fill with excitement as we pull up to that “pink building” not knowing what treasures they will find inside, is something I hope they will remember and pass on to their children for years to come.  

Not only is Sea Shell City something I do with my children every year, but  I have started a tradition just for my kids to remember of our own. About five years ago on the way up Coastal Highway we stopped off at this seafood restaurant. They had a crab chair that is carved out of wood sitting by the entrance. Every year my children one by one get their picture taken in the chair. Even if we don’t stop to eat there we stop for the picture and the memory it brings.

So just remember you can always start a tradition or a special memory with your family, one you have done your whole life or one you want to start of your very own. When you come down to Ocean city, it doesn’t always have to be about the sand!

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