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Macky’s cultivates a family-friendly atmosphere

Ocean City restaurant Macky’s Bayside Bar and Grill is a great place day or night
Macky’s Bayside Bar and Grill is known for its spectacular nightlife. For its theme parties, its DJs, its happy hour specials. For manager Stephen Masten, though, those are the strengths that are well known precisely because Macky’s is such a storied beach bar. Masten books the activities and helps plan out the theme parties, but this year he is on something of a mission to remind people that Macky’s is at least as awesome during the day as it is once the sun sets.
sign at Mackys ocean city restaurant
A sign at the entrance to Macky’s Ocean City asks a difficult question of everyone.

A little vacation at Macky’s in Ocean City

Sitting as it does on the bay, not far from the Route 90 bridge, Macky’s is a great place to take a long(ish) lunch during the week. This fact isn’t lost on locals who await Macky’s annual opening as much as any other group. It’s a quiet place to relax during the day and even into the evening. They take their status as a premier lunch place pretty seriously.
If you’re worried that spending your lunch hour with your feet in the sand is too tempting, Macky’s has a proper restaurant inside with bay views. It also is a proper bar with darker, cooler places for the heat-averse. Macky’s during the day is a kind of oasis. It provides relief as much from the pressures of work as the mania to ensure you get the most about of fun stuffed into your vacation. It is an opportunity to sit and relax.

mackys restaurant is dog friendly
Dogs are welcome at Macky’s where they even have their own menu as well as merch.

Macky’s is so much more than a party place

As Masten pointed out, a lot of people remember Macky’s from their college days, so when they return as adults with families considering Macky’s a dinner place isn’t necessarily a logical step for them. Macky’s always has been a casual restaurant first, but they have been so good at promoting the party that people don’t always remember the fact. But “family” doesn’t have to mean serious and boring. That said, the restaurant is as affordable for families as it is welcoming to them.
“Them,” of course, includes the family dog who not only is invited to join in the fun at Macky’s but also gets its own menu. Being dog friendly wouldn’t necessarily set Macky’s apart from other dog friendly places, if it just were friendly. Macky’s is welcoming to dogs, which is a very different thing. They’re happy to have them, which is attitudinally different.

Macky's Ocean City Bars
As much as it is a family restaurant, Macky’s still is a fun party place once the sun goes all the way down.

Macky’s still has great parties

Long after the kids have eaten and the dog has been walked, Macky’s gears up for what is still one of the epic nightlife scenes in Ocean City. This year they have added a bunch of new events as well has having carefully planned out ways to keep the traditional events feeling fresh. The theme parties are especially important to Macky’s nighttime fans and are put together in a way that accommodates expectations as well as dispositions.

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