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Friends Weekend in OCMD Are Tradition!

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”115″ display=”pro_imagebrowser”]Ocean City is a great destination for a getaway, and certainly with the ones you love! We love couples, and there is many ways two can connect or rekindle down on the shore, but don’t forget the shore isn’t just for lovers. With events like Senior Week, Sunfest, OC Bikefest, and many more, Ocean City is the best place to go with friends.

Many have made traveling as a pack a yearly tradition! We ran into a great group of ladies in the last few weeks (pictured here). This group of wonderful women is from Wilkes-Barre, PA, and has been together 60 years with the exception of their newest friend Ann Jones who joined them ten years ago. Most of them have been friends since elementary school. They started their vacation tradition three years ago and this was their first time in Ocean City. While staying for four days and three nights, they have enjoyed the weather and beach most of all, but food and shopping tied for second. We want to thank this group for being #friendshipgoals for all of us! Follow their lead and plan a trip with your besties!

Jessica Bauer
Jessica Bauer
Jessica is a creative through and through. She loves creating from sun up to sun down. She is an artist, a friend, a mom, a wife, and whatever other hat she might wear in a day. You might find Jessica with a camera or sketch pad in the local area, but you might find her far and away as she loves to travel. If you see her say, hi and give her dog/baby, Joey a hello too since they usually travel together!

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