Sunfest in Ocean City, MD

Sunfest is the traditional end of the summer season in Ocean City.
October 24 - 27 2024
4 days of FREE music, vendors, food, activities and now a
Shore Craft Beer Garden

Sunfest 2024 in Ocean City Md

Labor Day may mark the end of summer in some places, but Sunfest marks the transition to Fall in Ocean City, Maryland. In Ocean City, summer is a state of mind that can’t be located on a calendar or constrained to certain months. In fact, the pursuit of endless summer is a major reason why Ocean City waits until October to hold it’s biggest, most popular festival of the year – Sunfest.

Sunfest is October 24-27, 2024 Thursday – Saturday: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. Sunday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

There will be 4 days of FREE music.

With 2 stages for live music, there will be over 20 groups performing during Sunfest, and many different styles of music to listen and dance to including rock, R&B, country, and fusion!   All performances are free. Check out the full music line up here.

Arts & Crafts

At Sunfest, you’ll find tents full of arts and crafts by over 200 artisans and exhibitors from all over the country. You can shop for hours as the artisans show off their handmade art including jewelry, paintings, textiles, clothing, specialty foods, and more.


The Boardwalk will have its usual vast selection of food to enjoy, but in the food tent at Sunfest, you’ll also find a wide selection of food vendors offering all kinds of different dishes, with something for everyone. 


Boardwalk Tram – The Boardwalk Tram fare is $5 per person, per boarding, one way ride, sold at the north and south tram ticket booths and on any Tram. Major credit cards and exact cash fare is accepted by the Conductor at the rear of the Tram. The tram will run October 19-22 2023 from 10am-10pm Thursday – Saturday, and 10am – 7pm on Sunday during Sunfest. Bus – the Ocean City bus costs $4 for a Ride-All-Day pass. During Sunfest the bus will run from 6am – 2am approximately every 30 minutes. There will be no bus service from 2am – 6am. There will also be an Express Bus Service to/from 40th St. South Convention Center parking lot and Sunfest fair grounds.  The Express Bus Service runs from Thursday thru Saturday 9 am to 10pm and Sunday 9am to 7pm. Service is approximately every 20 minutes. If you require special assistance with handicapped transportation, please call 410-723-1606.  For more information about Sunfest, contact the Special Events Department.


During Sunfest, there are many activities for you and your family to take part in, including Pumpkin Races, Pet Parades, Beach Maze and more.


8 things to do at Sunfest in Ocean City

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Shore Craft Beer Garden: Sunfest’s Exclusive Craft Beer Oasis with EVO, Big Truck & Burley Oak

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1. What is Sunfest?

For more than 40 years, Sunfest has brought together musicians, local food and people from all over the region for a 4-day celebration like no other at the beach. Sunfest features a multitude of live music acts, including headlining acts by national recording artists; local restaurants and caterers offering fresh seafood, pit beef, BBQ, fried chicken, funnel cakes and other local and regional fair food favorites; vendors selling artisan products, handmade knickknacks, souvenirs, jewelry and more great products; and plenty of games and amusements to keep the kids occupied. This year, for the first time, Sunfest will have it’s very only Craft Beer Garden selling beer from Burley Oak! Find it in the Inlet Parking Lot which will be transformed into a craft beer garden serving local craft beer pints from Burley Oak Brewery. Sit in their beer garden and listen to the music as you sip your Burley Beer, all Sunfest long!

2. Music

The Town is committed to lots of great live music during Sunfest, and it’s all FREE!  See the music line-up here

3. Vendors

Sunfest was rated #1 of the 100 Best Classic and Contemporary Craft Shows in the country by Sunshine Artist Magazine. Vendors differ from year to year, but you can bet that some of the best crafts and foods in the country will always be found at Sunfest. If you’re interested in vending your own wares, the town invites you to fill out an application right here.

4. Activities

The Town moved the Octoberfest activities to Sunfest weekend – or moved Sunfest to the Octoberfest weekend.  However you want to look at it, there will be many more activities as a result.  beach bonfire fireworks, the Halloween pet parade, the Pumpkin Race, the beach maze and more will all be available to augment your Sunfest experience.

4. Transportation

There are a few options when it comes to getting to Sunfest.  If you’re near the boardwalk, you can ride the boardwalk tram for $4 per person one-way, 10 a.m. to midnight Thursday – Saturday, 10 to 6 p.m. on Sunday. You can also park for free at Northside Park on 125th street and the Municipal Lot at 100th street, and ride the bus to the Sunfest grounds for $3. In West Ocean City, you can park your car for free at the Park & Ride and take the shuttle for $3 all day.

5. Hours

Thursday – Saturday: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. Sunday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Sunfest is Ocean City’s most popular festival for a reason. If you’ve never experienced Sunfest or made a late season trip to Ocean City, this is the year for you to change that!

6. Even if you can’t make it, you still can share your memories

We’ve been collecting Ocean City Sunfest photos for years and have them all in a gallery here. Take some time to look at days gone by and share your photos with us on social media!


Sponsors of the Craft Beer Garden at Sunfest:

Events During Sunfest in Ocean City, MD




  1. I have been coming no to this for over 30 years.
    Our large group is now down to 2 people. All because of date change.
    Friends that camped, have their camper winterized by now.
    Friends who have used their timeshares for this week have been shows.
    I see no headliners again this year. With things closing again at 7.
    I will be down for this year, but it looks like this will be my last also.
    Some vendors we spoke to last year was also unhappy with the date change. They had other festivals that
    they attended this week.
    Plus some of the regular & popular bands will not be here this year.

  2. I have recently retired and was looking forward to Sunfest last year and this year, but it’s so late in the season. Please move it back to September.

  3. Because there are more things going on in sept and October maybe more restaurants and stores will stay open to capture that revenue! I’m sure that will cross somebody s mind!! Never miss spring or sun vests! Now we live down here don’t need a hotel!!

  4. i guess if there if there is no sun then there is no sunfest.
    Its not raining now and if it did rain its doesn’t look like much?

  5. A shame this has moved this far into fall when many locations on boardwalk are now closed for the season. Many restaurants also now closed this late in the year. Not very good planning for the thousands that come to this event and now the business that will lose income for that weekend as well. September was the perfect time, not sure why there is always a need to mess up what was a great thing. Trying it this weekend to see what is still open that we usually like to go to but may be last we attend due to how late in season it is.

  6. I’m hoping this isn’t going to be a permanent date for Sunfest to me it’s just way to late in the season…I’ve been to Sunfest a number of years but won’t be going any longer if this is when it will be held.

  7. When we come to the Sunfest we would stay at the Holiday Inn Suites. The rooms are large clean and the service is good. Walk out the door down the steps to the boardwalk. We would get a Book of passes (better deal) for the tram.

    • We’ve stayed at the Dunes, Hilton and Double Tree. All have been very nice. The Dunes is right next to the Boardwalk, the other 2 are several streets away but about a 10 minute walk. It’s been several years but we have stayed at the Commander as well. It’s right on the Boardwalk.

  8. I am looking to rent a vacation home on the Ocean side of Ocean City, MD. Would even consider as far out at Fenwick, DE on ocean side. It needs to hold at least 8 (to of which are young children – well behaved) 1 pet is a plus. A big plus would be if there are two more rentals in the same area that can hold the same number of persons Our family would like to go together with vacation homes nearby.


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