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Cannabis in Ocean City, Maryland: What You Need to Know

As of July 1st, 2023 there have been recent changes to Maryland laws in regards to cannabis. Anyone 21 years  and older are allowed to possess and use cannabis.  However there are still parameters that people must follow here in Ocean City, Maryland.  

Cannabis laws in Ocean City, MD

Places such as the beach and boardwalk will remain cannabis free, much like laws pertaining to cigarettes and alcohol. Public places include parks, streets, sidewalks, restaurants, bars, and public transportation will also remain cannabis free. The use of cannabis is permitted in private homes and private properties. 

Individuals are allowed to possess up to 1.2 ounces, up to 12 ounces of concentrated cannabis, cannabis products containing up to 750 milligrams of delta-9-TCH, or up to 2 cannabis plants. 

What you need to know about OCMD and cannabis.


Because cannabis is still illegal under federal law, possession and use in a national park, such as Assateague Island, remains illegal.  It is also illegal to drive a motor vehicle while under the influence of cannabis. Anyone under the legal age of 21 in possession of cannabis will also be subject to civil penalties.

Katie Ruskey
Katie Ruskeyhttp://kruskeyauthor.com
Katie Ruskey is a local author, splitting her time between Baltimore and Ocean City. Her debut fiction novel, Marlin Week, was released in August 2022 based on three captains that fish in the infamous White Marlin Open. Her first children's book, The A B Seas of Ocean City, Maryland takes young readers on a tour of OC. For more information on how to purchase her books, visit her website www.kruskeyauthor.com or follow her on IG/FB at Katherine Ruskey Author.

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