June Sand Castle Contest Winners! Let’s Meet The Kirk Family

Angelina Kirk and dad win 1st place in sand castle contest.

The Kirk Family send in an incredible photograph of Dad, USAF Captain Kirk, and 7 year old daughter Angelia. Let’s see what they love about Ocean City.

Angelina Kirk and dad win 1st place in sand castle contest.

Family Name: Kirk

Who are the members  family: Dad- USAF Captain Kirk , Mom- Simona Kirk,and daughter Angelina, 7

Where are you from?  Nazareth, PA

How long is your drive? 3.5 hours

Where do you like to stay?  Hilton Oceanfront Suites

How long have you been vacationing in Ocean City?  8 years

Family Favorites

Morning Activity:  Beach sandcastle prep and low tide sandbar shell hunting.

Beach hunting.  Close but beach 1st

Favorite Beach Snack:  Fruits

Must have items in your beach bag:  sandcastle building tools and beach toys.

Breakfast Spot-  Hmmm usually a quick lite fruits and juices then off to the beach, no time to eat.  🙂

Lunch Spot:  Seacrets

Dinner Restaurant:  Sunset grille

Boardwalk Store:  Sunsations

Ice Cream Flavors:  boring vanilla or mint chocolate chip.

Popcorn Flavors:  caramel

Walk the boardwalk or ride the tram?  Both

Beach nap or swim in the ocean?  Daddy and Angelina non stop action so swimming of course, Mommy watches and takes the pictures.

The Kirk Family wins June 1st place.

Family Tell All

Who sleeps in later on vacation?  Mommy

Who is the better mini golf player?  Angelina ALWAYS gets the holes in one. 🙂

Who packs the most clothes? Mommy packs the beautiful tropical dresses.

Who gets the most excited to come to Ocean City?  Angelina and Mommy, packing starts 2 weeks in advance with excitement.

Who is most likely to jump in the ocean first?  Angelina and Daddy right after a toe water temp test.

Who is most likely to want to ride The Tidal Wave Roller Coaster?  Yikes…too scary.

In 50 words or less, explain why you love Ocean City.  “In 2015 I took my wife, pregnant at the time, on our 1st Ocean City, Maryland trip with a little Angelina in belly.  I made a huge sand castle with Angelina’s name on it. So now it’s tradition to come back 3 times a year. We absolutely LOVE everything OC MD. Who knows- it might be our home one day!”

Congratulations, Kirk Family. We’re glad you love Ocean City as much as we do. 

1st Place Winners


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