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No, the Boardwalk Does Not Close

We get lots of people asking whether the Boardwalk closes. The answer is no, not ever. The Ocean City Boardwalk is essentially just like a street it always is there to be walked upon and generally enjoyed. Although that hasn’t always been the case. That is, the beach is older than the boardwalk and was an attraction long before the first plank was laid.

A Brief History of Ocean City – Visit Ocean City Maryland

Ocean City has a wonderful and storied past. An Englishman named Thomas Fenwick,the namesake of the Delaware resort that borders Ocean City to the north, once owned the land that our Ocean City of today rests upon. All who are involved in the city’s tourism today can look to Isaac Coffin as grandfather of that industry.

Yes, but Is the Ocean City Boardwalk Really Open?

Of course, many people know that the Ocean City Boardwalk itself doesn’t close, but they want to know whether there are things to do. Again, there is plenty to do on the Ocean City Boardwalk that is free and open all year. For example, you can play with your kids (or grandchildren or nieces and nephews, etc. ) at the playground.

New on the Boardwalk, the first Ocean City beach playground – OceanCity.com

The Ocean City beach playground is just the latest in a long tradition of free things to do in Ocean City. After months of anticipation Ocean City officially opened its first playground on the Boardwalk this week with the snip of a ribbon. The playground, which features three slides, monkey bars, a small ice cream stand …

The Boardwalk also makes a fantastic gym if you want to get some exercise in and keep off the winter pounds. And, in the off season, bikes and dogs are welcome back all day!

Walking the boardwalk for exercise – OceanCity.com

A little insider’s tip: The boardwalk is one of the best places to go for a run, even in the summer. So is the beach. Going on vacation doesn’t have to mean losing sight of your health and fitness goals, and if you’re willing to put in a little bit of time and energy, you …

‘But is the stuff open. The shops and that?’

The easiest answer to this is that there is no law that says they have to be closed, but each of the independent Boardwalk businesses sets and keeps its own hours. Shops are open most weekends through the end of October and starting again in March, but increasingly they are open pretty much every weekend all year, even the tee shirt shops.
The larger amusements, like Jolly Roger Amusements, are open most weekend through the end of October. Sometimes if the weather is expected to be awful, they’ll announce they will close. Mostly, though, their Facebook page is the best indicator of whether they’re open from week to week in the fall. Same in the spring, starting about March they sometimes open during the week.
The arcades are open all year, so you can get your Skee Ball fix pretty much whenever.

skee ball
Editor’s note: I grew up near the Jersey Shore and developed an affinity for Boardwalk Skee Ball early on. I’ll be honest, I don’t like the new games, with their plastic balls and 100 point ringers. Give me a nicked up wooden ball, a mostly-warped sideboard and a handful of quarters and I’ll come home with the tackiest ticket treasure you’ve ever seen!

But what else is there to do?

One of our favorite things is to walk around snapping photos of our favorite place in the world. You can get some cool shots at interesting angles this time of year. Even better, you can follow us on Instagram (@OceanCityPhotos)

Taking a walk along the Ocean City Boardwalk – OceanCity.com

The Ocean City Boardwalk is arguably like no other place on Earth. Sure, there are other boardwalks lining the shores of coastal cities around the world, but somehow, OC is just a little bit different – maybe it’s something in our sector of the Atlantic Ocean water.

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