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The best way to start and end your day (15 photos)

“The sun shines everywhere, not just at the beach.” -Brande Roderick

While that may be true, the sun is certainly more enjoyable at the beach with your feet in the sand and the salt in the air. There’s something refreshing about the experience. What’s even more spectacular is a sunrise or sunset at the beach. The sun sets to rise again; it’s the routine interchange between day and night and it’s beautiful. It’s no wonder why everyone’s so eager to catch a glimpse of and capture the moment. When you combine the beauty of a sunset or rise with the comfort of the beach you get an experience like no other. That very combination exists in Ocean City.

This post was updated on Nov. 30 for content and context. It originally appeared on Aug. 27, 2015. — Ed. 

LeAnn is an intern with Oceancity.com. She's a junior at Pocomoke High School where she balances her time between studying, sports, and various extracurricular activities. A jack of all trades, LeAnn has pursued everything from Youtube and Wattpad to blogging and graphic design. She enjoys Chai tea, bargain shopping, a good book, and all the knowledge the Internet has to offer. In her free time, you can find her reading and relaxing on the beach or scrolling through Tumblr.

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