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Best Surf Shops In Ocean City

Surf shops are a staple here in Ocean City, and there are certainly lots to choose and see! While there are many and they’re located all over town, we’ve compiled a list of the 6 best surf shops around Ocean City. Join us for our journey of surf shop discovery!


Chauncey’s Surf Shop, 5309 Coastal Highway

According to their website, for the past 20 years, Chauncey’s Surf Shop boasts what they call the best of the surf and skate industry. They sell a broad selection of surfboards, skateboards, bodyboards, clothing, sunglasses, watches, and accessories. All of the brands in their inventory come from well known and top brands in the surfing industry.

Endless Summer Surf Shop, 3708 Coastal Highway

This shop has got to be one of the coolest in the area! They market themselves as an old fashioned, sand on the carpet, California beach style surf shop. Endless Summer has the expertise to match their gear! They sell name brands like Roxy, Billabong, Quicksilver, Ripcurl, O’Neill, Oakley, Salt Life, and Dragon. They also offer surf lessons, and if you visit their website, you can see how to get a free first lesson! Check them out!


Malibu’s Surf Shop,  713 North Atlantic Avenue

Malibu’s Surf Shop has been open since 1986, and is an Ocean City staple. Its mission is to meet all your surfing needs, and in case you didnt’ know, it’s located on the Boardwalk. Despite their smaller size, they have a great deal of merchandise, including surfboards, clothes, and all the surfing things you could ever need! In fact, all of their surfboards are made by hand locally, which is quite impressive!

Even their employees are local-they’ve all grown up in or around Ocean City, and have actually been competing members in various surfing competitions on a global scale! They even count a few professional surfers in their ranks! Not only are employees friendly and knowledgeable, but also they have the all-around local know-how and love the sports. It really shows and they are so enthusiastic about surfing.

In fact, did you know that in the summer months, Malibu’s has private surfing lessons and surfboard rentals for people of all ages and abilities? They do, and have been offering these services since 1993. Lessons can be scheduled in either the morning or the afternoon.

Not only that, but they have an awesome Surfline camera and post real-time surf reports on their website! At Malibu’s it’s very clear that they love their customers and they love the art (sport) of surfing!

View from Malibu’s Surf Shop.

K-Coast Surf Shop, Multiple Locations

K-Coast Surf Shop’s main mission is a dedication to anyone and everyone who likes what the surf shop culture offers, as well as all of nuances of the surf life that makes it a one of a kind world. Their merchandise includes high quality, top-notch boards, clothes, and other surfing accoutrement that are oh -so apt for the surfing life. In fact, you can read about their rich history and breadth of experience. They hope to continue their legacy of being a place to find great information, a local hangout, and the place where their customers feel at home. You can find their multiple locations on their website, and we hope you visit one!


K-Coast on 35th Street.

Ron Jon Surf Shop, 6701 Coastal Highway #8

Ron Jon Surf Shop is a staple of Ocean City. Not only that, but also it’s expanded into a world-famous destination, with multiple locations. Some of those locations include New Jersey, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, and most importantly, Ocean City, Maryland! They also have several online and licensed partnerships. Surfers and avid beachgoers from around the world visit Ron Jon Surf Shop. The term surf shop is synonymous with Ron Jon, which is iconic to the surf and beach lifestyle.

Many people love Ron Jon surf shop!

Sunshine House Surf Shop, 7805 Coastal Highway

Inspired by the Bethesda Surf Shop in Bethesda, Maryland, this cool place opened in 1970 in Ocean City. It became a very popular local hangout and possesses the zeitgeist of surf culture.

Many surfers and skaters have visited the shop from around the globe, and it became known for its (albeit at times controversial and even banned from schools, believe it or not!) “Indian on the horse” t-shirts and the “Surf Naked” shirts they still make today.

Surfing and skating Accessories
Sunshine House Surf Shop. Photo Credit: Sunshine House Surf House.

Quiet Storm Surf Shop, 1 North Division Street

The Quiet Storm Surf Shop opened up in 1983 in the middle of it all in Ocean City. They’ve expanded over the years, too, for a total of . 11 stores nationwide. Did you know they are actually one of the biggest surf shops in the US? They’ve always stuck to their bread and butter, which is having pride in their special, unique ocean-inspired clothing and accoutrement made for the whole family. They’ve got something for everyone!

Quiet Storm is yet another example of the great surf shops in Ocean City.

Not only that, but each one of these shops has at one point won a “Best of Ocean City” award. Speaking of the Best of Ocean City awards, have you voted? You can do so at our website here!

What’s your favorite Ocean City surf shop?

Jack Bradley
Jack Bradley
Jack Bradley is a contributor to Oceancity.com and ShoreCraftBeer.com and works as an Academic Counselor at Delaware Technical Community College. He assists students with academic advisement, teaches first year seminars, manages the food pantry, and serves as advisor for the Alpha Zeta Kappa Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the Community College Honor Society. An English major at the College of the Holy Cross, Jack has always loved to write and is grateful for the opportunity to be a contributor to this site. He received an an M.B.A. from Clark University and an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of Delaware. When he is not working or writing, he can be found out and about in Ocean City and surrounding towns, enjoying the amazing attractions they have to offer.

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