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Strollin’ the Boards (25 photos)

Ocean City’s Boardwalk stretches for 3 miles and offers something for everyone.  Whether is an ice cream to cool you down, lunch with the family, or romantic dinner for two, you will always find somewhere on the Boardwalk to meet your needs.   Perhaps you want to ride the rides, or just listen to the screams of others doing so, or maybe you want to people watch while eating french fries covered in vinegar and salt!   An early morning jog with no cars to worry about, or an evening stroll as the rides light up as bright as the faces of the people riding them.  After a full day, and plenty of sunshine and fun, ride the Boardwalk train back to your hotel or car.  Whatever your desire, the Boardwalk will deliver. Check out these Ocean City Md Boardwalk Photos

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