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Additional Answers to May 9 Opening

May 9th Opening Inclusions and Exclusions

Beach, Boardwalk, and Inlet Parking are Open

Many outlets have been reporting on the early reversal of some of Ocean City’s restrictions, but questions about the new Declaration  have come up. Below we have the New Declaration from the Mayor’s office of Ocean City. It does state the new date for the beach, boardwalk, and inlet parking to open. The accompanying notification also says it does not supersede any Executive Orders from Governor Hogan. We asked for additional clarity to help understand the new guidelines.

We did reach out to the Town for further clarity to help everyone navigate through the new orders. The following items should be advised:

  • Ocean City is not giving permission to people to come to Ocean City. If non-residents are here, they may use the beach, boardwalk, and inlet parking lot when it is open.
  • Lodging is still for essential workers only. Current restrictions to lodging are to be lifted May 22.
  • The pet policy for Ocean City started May 1. This means no pets on the beach or boardwalk until October 1.
  • Anyone in a pay-to-park space throughout the town will need to pay for the time used. Kiosks were covered during the closure, but will now be ready for use on May 9. For more about parking in Ocean City click here.

Here is the notification sent out from the Town of Ocean City:

Mayor Opens Beach, Boardwalk & Inlet Parking Lot on May 9

Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan announced Monday that he intends to lift the Mayoral Declaration on May 9, allowing the opening of the beach, Boardwalk & Inlet Parking Lot. This is a way to give individuals more opportunities to get outside, exercise and enjoy fresh air, while still adhering to physical distancing guidelines and gathering limits. This does not supersede any Executive Order made by the Governor, including the closure of non-essential businesses. Maryland’s Stay-At-Home order remains in effect.

Declaration is available online: https://oceancitymd.gov/pdf/DeclarationMay4.pdf

Jessica Bauer
Jessica Bauer
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