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6th Annual Boardwalk Drive in Disguise

For the sixth year, residents and visitors with a vintage Ocean City license plate will be allowed to ride down the Boardwalk during the annual OC Vintage License Plate Rally, which will take place Saturday, October 22.  Continuing with the Drive in Disguise theme anyone wishing to decorate their car also will be allowed to ride down the Boardwalk.

“The rally has grown,” said Mayor Rick Meehan. “The Halloween theme has really broadened the event. There’s a real competition in decorating the cars.”

Decorated cars will join the OC vintage plate cars during the rally, which will roll-off at 27th Street at 3 p.m. Vehicles will drive off the Boardwalk at the Inlet Parking Lot. The public will be able to vote for their favorite decorated car. Each vote is one dollar. A People’s Choice trophy as well as additional trophies will be awarded.  In addition, various local organizations will have information booths set up and a DJ will play music. Several local businesses will offer a 15 percent discount to participants for the weekend.

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“We are still working on other possible components to the day,” said event organizer Nancy Howard. “The entire event is an attempt to create a weekend that will bring visitors to join in the fun. If you want to join in and don’t want to drive, get out your Halloween finest and join us at 13th St. for a walk.”

There is a $25 donation fee for non-vintage license plate participants and those vehicles and bicycles must be decorated. There is no fee for those with an Ocean City ‘vintage’ license plate (these are not vintage car tags but the special Ocean City plate). Proof of insurance is required for all participants. Proceeds from the event will be benefit the Ocean City Downtown Association. Registration forms are available at www.downtownassociation.net. For additional information, contact Nancy Howard at 443-235-4405 or e-mail neffiehoward@comcast.net.  If you do not have a City vintage plate and would like to obtain one visit the City web site at www.oceancitymd.gov

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