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10 Reasons to check out Massey’s Landing Resort

The Resort at Massey’s Landing  in Millsboro, Del. is one of the premier camping destinations in the region. Build from the ground up with the recreational traveler in mind, the resort provides as much or as little to do as you might feel you need. 

Although the resort is extremely popular with RVers, there are plenty of cottages for people who want the experience but lack the gear. One of the things that makes Massey’s Landing so popular is that although you have access to the Delaware beaches and nightlife in only a short drive, you feel as if you’re in the middle of nowhere. If you want to spend your week (or long weekend) without leaving the resort, there still is plenty to do.

There are a million reasons to plan to vacation at Massey’s Landing Resort, here are our favorite 10:

Indian River Bay access

Massey's landing indian river
Headed out of the bay into Indian River from Massey’s Landing. The Indian River Bridge is in the distance. Massey’s Landing is a great place to set up your Delmarva vacation.

A place to paddle out into the wilderness

The canoe and kayak launch at Massey’s Landing Resort gives you an idea how peaceful the place is. Motorized vessels are launched from elsewhere to preserve the serenity here.

Gear to paddle out with

Although it’s great to have your own gear it isn’t always practical. Massey’s Landing provides access to kayak rentals as well as canoes, stand up paddle boards and lots of other watersport gear.

Spend the most laid-back afternoon you can imagine

The swim-up pool bar is one of the great exclusive amenities at Massey's Landing. It's the only one in the state and is a super-cool way to spend an afternoon.
The swim-up pool bar is one of the great exclusive amenities at Massey’s Landing. It’s the only one in the state and is a super-cool way to spend an afternoon.

It’s easy to resupply at Massey’s Landing Resort

store at masseys landing
The store at Massey’s Landing Resort is fully stocked with necessities as well as snacks, toys, knick knacks and apparel.

You can grab a quick bite at The Jackspot

the jackspot lunch counter
Whether you’re looking for something quick to go, or just to take a little break from cooking, The Jackspot lunch counter has what you need.

Enjoy a drink at the Sand Dollar Bar and Grill

sand dollar bar and grill exterior
The Sand Dollar Bar and Grill at Massey’s Landing Resort is a great place to spend an evening. Open to the Indian River Bay on the back, it provides a laid back atmosphere for even more laid back views.

Get front seats to great views

sandy dollar bar and grill view
The view from the Sandy Dollar bar and grill located on the Massey’s Landing Resort beach is not to be missed.

Lounge in the sun (or twilight) while enjoying your meal

beach seating at the sandy dollar bar and grill
The Sandy Dollar has outdoor seating near the beach as well as deck seating in the bar itself. You can grab a bite from the kitchen and sun yourself while you enjoy the view.

Swim with your dog 

dogs at masseys landing resort
Massey’s Landing Resort has two beaches on the Indian River Bay, one for the people, one for the dogs. Even if you don’t have a dog it’s pleasant to watch them play in the surf.


Tony Russo
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