Ocean City in the Winter

I have spent the last several mornings grabbing a coffee at the Starbucks on Coastal Highway and then heading across the Route 50 Bridge into Ocean City.  Yesterday, I arrived at the inlet parking lot to see a low red glow along the horizon.  It seemed to brighten and just when I thought the best was over and headed back across the bridge to Berlin, I noticed that not only the horizon was red, but that the sun was illuminating the entire sky over the ocean with ribbons of brilliant red, pink, and gray.  Needless to say it was spectacular and I turned around.  Arriving at the Ocean City Boardwalk sign with the sky continuing to lighten, I snapped a few pictures.  The workers were already on the beach, moving sand and preparing for warmer weather and the beachgoers that come with it.  One of the big sand-moving vehicles had mellow beach music playing while they stood around and discussed their next move.  

Today, I was a little later — my daughter decided to come with me.  She didn’t have school and a 5:30 am departure when the ground is frozen wasn’t her idea of fun.  So, we left at 7:00 for a trip to the Ocean City inlet.  The tide was high, the loons were riding the water as it moved through the inlet, occassionally diving to cobble together their morning meal.  We walked from the inlet up to the Boardwalk sign.  There were several people walking the Ocean City boardwalk for exercise.  They were happy and friendly as we passed.  After snapping a few more pictures, we decided that a hot shower and warm tea was necessary so we headed back to Berlin.

Here are my pictures for your enjoyment.  I hope they entice you to take a trip down to the beach for a quick getaway.  It’s supposed to snow this weekend and if you come in today, you’ll be able to watch the snow fall on the beach and into the ocean.  How cool is that?!  With the great oceanfront room rates, great restaurant specials, and many options in both categories, it is hard to deny yourself the luxury of Ocean City in the winter. It truly sparkles!!


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  1. Here are some more pictures of the beach in Ocean City from this morning and yesterday morning…

  2. So pretty!  One of those rare, special gifts from above. Thanks so much for sharing the pics.

  3. hapnstance

    Thanks.  I spend many a morning on the Boardwalk taking pictures of sunrises.  In the evening I head over to the Bayside to take some more.  I’ve accummulated thousands of them now and have them set up as a slideshow. Every one is completely unique unto itself which makes it even better.

  4. There have been some absolutely stunning sunrises in OC for the last month or so. Some mornings, the ocean looks like it is on fire.  To see some more beautiful early morning pics, check out the Carousel’s FB page.  They send their photographer out each morning to snap a few pics for us “landlocked” ocean lovers.


    Thanks so much for sharing your story today.  What a different way to view the city we all love so much.



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