What a storm!

What a storm!


A storm blew over Ocean City this afternoon, and our visitors, enjoying what they hoped was going to be a long beach day, had to grab their belongings and run, but not before they snapped a shot of the formidable clouds, which they then sent to us. Here is a selection of some incredible photos from this incredible storm!

Thanks to all who submitted these photos!

The first  incredible picture of the incoming storm we received, sent to us by Chase Dawson

The last glimpse of the sun, by Amanda Campbell

Another great pic by Amanda Campbell

Clouds over the bay by Bonnie Dodds Marra

Dark clouds over the ocean by Brie Jadra

The storm’s getting close,  by Crystal Hess Bussard

That’s one scary looking cloud, by Donna Marie

Erin DellAngelo Benfer thought it was interesting to watch from the 17th floor!

Jody Smoker took this while sitting on the balcony.

And you’re still in the water? by Joe Merebeth Stringent

And the storm came rolling in, by Kelly Gastio

Deserted beach by Kristin Jones

Abandoned sand castle by Kristi Padgett

Laurie Beth Wilt’s view from 66th St.

Two seasons in one moment, by Mark Jones

Another by Mark Jones

Here’s what it looked like from Meridith Robinson Burton’s balcony on 115th.

Huge clouds dwarfing the people on the beach, by Rachael Brager

Shanon Phillips Armstrong’s view from 30th St


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