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Watching the Sun Set…

A sunset anywhere in the world can be amazing, but a sunset in Ocean City, when you have time to sit back and enjoy it, often from a balcony or restaurant, can be quite spectacular, and often a highlight of a special trip to the beach.  Although anywhere on the Bay side will be a great viewing point,  Fager’s Island is known for it’s ideal location to view this nightly phenomenon, with Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture accompanying it in the background each night. We asked our friends on Facebook if they cared to share any of their Fager’s sunset pictures, so here they are!

Tammy Barnhart Miller
Echo Plank
Nancy Greenwell-Pinkard Week before shutdown. TP on the way out of town.
Cathy Zembower
Ann Marie Heid Midula Labor Day 2019
Kathryn Hoffpauir This past weekend
Diane Genetti Brennan
Jessica Ann
Jennifer Roberson Noell
Diane Genetti Brennan Love Fager’s Sunset Celebrations! Too many to choose from all year long!!
Tina Matthews From my Birthday September 2019. Love Fagers Island!
Kaysie Solomon
Wayne N Karen Smith
Natalie Osborne Love Fager’s! This photo is from July 2018
Bridget Campbell Hope to be there next week
Christine Bogdan Schramek This is from St. Paddy’s Day weekend. Before it all shut down .
Diane Genetti Brennan
Cody Barrett Taken last September, my husband and I always come to OC for our birthdays every year. We love Fager’s Island!

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