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Princess Bayside Beach Hotel Is Ready to Welcome Guests

Princess Bayside Beach Hotel Open & Ready

New Renovations and Health Protocols

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(May 20, 2020) Princess Bayside Beach Hotel is happy to continue to welcome guests for their 2020 season. The staff has been working hard over the off-season and during the covid closure to enhance and ensure a great stay. Princess Bayside was open this past weekend, and by this past Saturday night 162 of the 194 rooms at Princess Bayside were booked. General Manager,  Matt Jones and Director of Sales, Danielle Rickett talked with us about the execution of their new plans in place to maintain social distancing, new cleaning standards, usual operations taken to prepare for the summer in the off-season, and of course how excited they are to see more guests this Memorial Day Weekend and beyond. “We really want to welcome our guests back to Ocean City.” said Jones, “We want them to have a great time and enjoy the outside. Our facility is right on the Bay and just steps away from the Ocean and Boardwalk. We are excited to see our guest enjoy all of it.”

Winter Deep Clean and Renovations

bayside hotelDuring the off-season an extensive overhaul of the entire building began like typical of every year. Minor renovations such as replacement of  some sofa beds, draperies, and carpets occurred. A deep cleaning was commenced throughout the full facility. The lobby was fully renovated complete with a beautiful new mural. These were actions much like previous years that prove Princess Bayside is committed to procuring a memorable and enjoyable stay for its patrons.

New Covid Safety Standards

The Princess Bayside was slated to open for St. Patrick’s Day Weekend and had all of its renovations and prep completed before the covid crisis had shut down the Town of Ocean City and the country. Knowing a new set of safety and health standards would need to be put in place the Princess Bayside has done the following to safeguard its guests and employees:

  • Curbside Check -in:Guests are now pre-paying for their rooms. When they arrive on the premises, they call the Princess Bayside to notify them of their arrival.  Masked security greets them at their car with a bag that includes key and welcome packet. New welcome packets review existing procedures and information along with new policies about social distancing in hotel.
  • Room keys will not be recycled until a method for proper sanitization happens. 
  • Hand sanitizing stations have been set-up throughout the property and by all elevators.
  • Elevator capacity has been limited due to size of the elevator.
  • The front desk is now plexiglassed.
  • Housekeeping: Before covid the housekeeping staff cleaned every room and made it ready for the next guest, now everything is sanitized. Housekeeping does not enter the room for room refreshes. Instead guests have been asked to call the hotel and request any supplies. Any items needed like towels, wash clothes, toilet paper, etc. are placed in a bag and a staff member brings the fresh items to the guest’s room and knocks to let them know they are there. Dirty towels and linens are placed in a bag by the guests and left in the hall for staff to retrieve.
  • High touch items that were found in the room before like paper and pens are no longer there. If a guest requests a specific item then they only need to call and it will be brought to them. 


Guests of the Princess Bayside Beach Hotel can take advantage of either of their pools. Both the indoor and rooftop pool with marvelous views will be available. Due to current state guidelines pools are limited to 10 people. To help keep with social distancing standards pool chairs have been arranged six feet apart and the dining tables only have two chairs.

Outdoor Recreation

The hotel doesn’t just boast that is on the bay; it has its own bayside beach. Guests can take advantage of relaxing on the sandy beach or get a bit more exercise by renting a kayak, catamaran, stand-up paddle board, and more through 48th St Watersports.

Dates Open:

Princess Bayside will be open Memorial Day weekend, but will shut down after Memorial Day Monday. They will be open on a continuous basis after Friday, May 29 for the 2020 summer season.

Contact Details:

Princess Bayside Beach Hotel
48th Street Bayside on the Bay
Ocean City, Maryland 21842


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Jessica Bauer
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