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The Photo Friday Submissions from the Week of June 3

I Caught a Cute Crab (WINNER)

Kristyn Rinaldi-Rodriguez
June 3 ·
I caught a cute crab on the pier behind the convention center. by Kristyn Rinaldi-Rodriguez

Northside Park at Sunset

Christina DeMaria
June 3 ·
North side park at sunset!

Big Wheel

Chrissie Braddock
June 3 ·
Big wheel.

Full Moon Rising

Randi Pomycala Mauser
June 4 ·
Who needs “Secrets” when you can have a “full moon” party midday on the beach! 😂🌝

View from Our Balcony at the Grand

Denise Lindeman
View from our balcony at the Grand! 5/18 to 5/25. Fantastic trip! #Ohio

Footprints in the Sand at 11:30 pm (WINNER!)

Kathy Stains-Sechrist
June 3 ·
This photo was remarkably taken at 11:30 at night. Amazing

Reliving Old Memories

Danny Nicodemus
June 3
My brother and I reliving a memory from a few(hahaha) years ago.

Being Silly on the Beach

Dan Flynn
June 3 ·
My daughter just being silly on the beach

Life is Good

Susan Kulik
June 3 ·
Life is good!

Just 2 Donalds

Dawn Kaiser
June 3 ·
Just 2 Donald’s enjoying a Surry ride on the boardwalk 💕

Chasing the Sunrise

Malissa Martin
June 3 ·
Chasing the sunrise with my son💛

Little Surfer Dude

Jennie Dennis Ritt
June 3 ·
My little surfer dude, Blaze ~ Headed to the ocean, in between the Rainbow & the Irene!! ❤️🙌🏽🌊🌴☀️

This Babe is Ready for Summer

Kristen Caudill
June 3 ·
This babe is ready for summer! Amy Kulik

Showing Some Love

Deb Maggio
Follow · June 3 ·
Showing some love to the Ocean City Mounted Police Unit.


Regina Smith
Follow · June 3 ·
My grandbabies swimming in the pool at Ocean City

Her First Fish

Heather Morgan
June 3 ·
Her first fish

Love Those Cars

Ashley Aston
June 3 ·
My son loves the beach and loves his cars, especially at a young age of 2. This is him with his cousin’s car last year at Crusin’. We had so much and we will be back in OC in 2 weeks for Fireman’s convention and we have something up our sleeve for that too. ❤️☀️🏖🌊🐚

Sunrise at Frontier Town

Amy Liz
June 3 ·
Sunrise at frontiertown campground this morning.

My Mr. on the Boardwalk

Brianna Paige
June 3 ·
My mr on the boardwalk for Memorial Day!

I’m Going to Have a Sister!

Ashley Bruck
June 3 · Edited ·
Pregnancy announcement/gender reveal with a very excited brother.

My Mom and Her Dog

Julianna Principio
June 3 ·
My mom and her dog creed doing handstands and fishing  together

Love at First Site

Kristy Lackey
Follow · June 3 ·
Little man’s first ever trip to the Ocean. I think it’s love at first sight 😍🏖

It’s Haunted

Kyle Sowinski
June 3 ·
It wouldn’t be the Boardwalk without the Haunted House!

I Can Do It Myself!

Dani Rae
June 3 ·
I can do it all by myself mom! Lol

Love the Ferris Wheel

Melody Shortall
June 7 ·
Love the glimpse of the Ferris wheel! 🎡




Ann has been with StateVentures since 1999. She moved from Annapolis to Berlin, MD to be closer to Ocean City. She splits her work week between the two locations to help clients and visitors get the best information and value out of our sites. She loves a camera and any excuse to use it.  Her kids are both grown and off adventuring.  Ann loves to travel with her kids and lives with her dog Marley when she's not in Virginia fishing.

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