Summer photos washed ashore

Summer photos washed ashore


In the summer we do a Photo Friday contest almost every week, where we invite readers to submit their best vacation photos from Ocean City for a chance to win a gift card to a local business and to have their photos featured in an article like this one. In the winter, we’re a bit more sporadic… But days when we’re missing summer a little more than usual (like the Monday after we’ve received the first snowfall of 2019!) call for a summer throwback post. So here we are.

Featured below are a handful of the pictures that were submitted to us between late August of 2018 and just last weekend. Our randomly-selected winner of the bunch was Georgia Corso, who will receive a $25 gift card to Captain’s Table for her ambient nighttime Ferris wheel shot. 

If you’re feeling nostalgic today for warm weather and sunny beach days, here’s where you can find our collection of Photo Fridays from last summer and beyond. There’s no telling when our next photo contest will be until spring hits (though there’s a chance it’ll follow the next big snowfall…), but you’re always welcome to submit your best vacation shots for a chance to win! As usual, remember to include your name and email address along with your submission so we can easily contact you if and when you win.

Haven’t seen this guy lately! I think he was waiting for Kohr Bros to open.
This photo was taken the week of December the 19th at the Ocean City Marina, I spend a lot of time in that area taking photos of the boats in the summer and all the seasons. . The sky was particularly gorgeous this evening and I was lucky enough t get this shot. Submitted by Mary Miller, of Berlin, Md.
Ollie, Maxwell, Boh , and roxie. Walking on the boardwalk towards Backshore.
Dolphin at play
Sunset photo from the little bridge in the Northside Park 8/27.

Peaceful day at Assateague National Park July 20, 2018 on vacation while camping at Frontier Town. Karen Scalia
Found on Fenwick Beach washed up on the shore. Hundreds of these shells attached!
Wild horses assateague park
Washed up on 81st street sat morning
Our beach wedding at the inlet! 8/24/18 at 10am! Joey and Danielle
Ferris wheel on OC Pier, August 13, 2016, 10:11 p.m., “Amusements” Georgia Corso

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