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Putt-Putt Paradise: Mini Golf in Ocean City

Ocean City, Maryland is renowned for its ten miles of sun-soaked beaches, almost 3 miles of vibrant Boardwalk, and an abundance of family-friendly attractions. Among these, mini golf in Ocean City stands out as a timeless activity that has woven itself into the fabric of our beach resort.

Whether you choose to call it mini golf, miniature golf or putt-putt, the roots of this favorite pass time can be traced back to the early 20th century. By the 1920s and 1930s,  mini golf experienced a surge in popularity, capturing the hearts of Americans seeking lighthearted entertainment during the Great Depression.

Ocean City has embraced the mini golf trend. Over the years, the town has become a hotspot for mini golf enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of courses to cater to players of all ages and skill levels. From the toddler awkwardly holding the club for the first time, to the “professional golfer” dishing out advice, getting a hole-in-one is often as much about luck as skill, leveling the playing field for all participants.

Jolly Roger Mini Golf

Jolly Roger opened their first miniature golf in Ocean City in 1979. Their Jungle Golf was the first “elevated” miniature golf course on the East Coast. Today, the Jungle Golf Course takes you on a trip through the tropical rain forest, under and through l waterfalls, around a lagoon, and over mountains, all with a club in hand. In 1984 Jolly Roger’s second miniature golf course opened. The Treasure Golf mini-golf course encourages you to outsmart the pirates and their friends who are lurking about and guarding their loot from the unwanted strangers who are roaming around their hideouts. Try getting a whole in one with all that commotion going on around you!



Baja Mini Golf

Photo Credit: Baja Golf

Baja Mini Golf in West Ocean City is a 19-hole Safari themed outdoor miniature golf course. It opened in 1989, and apart from a few minor changes, has remained true to its original design since its start. It’s know as a fun, and slightly more challenging course than some of the other mini golf in Ocean City.









Embers Island Miniature Golf Course

Photo Credit: Ember’s Island miniature Golf

Embers Island Miniature Golf Course is located at the Embers Center on 24th street and opened in 2002. There’s two 18-hole courses, one where you putt putt through warring pirate clans, the other where you venture into an active volcano. There are actually secret tunnels for the golf balls to travel, inside the volcano! The special effects add a unique flare to this family friendly course. The volcano rumbles and builds until it erupts (once every hour). And look out because you might get splashed on the pirates ship when cannons miss their target and land in the water nearby. One hole has a waterfall path and you will find swashbuckling skeleton pirates here and there. Being splashed by water is always an added bonus on a hot day playing golf, especially when you’re under 12 years old!


Ocean City now boasts an impressive number of mini golf courses scattered throughout the town. No matter where you are staying in town, you are sure to be within walking distance of mini golf in Ocean City.

Nick’s Golf has courses on 45th, 57th, 125th and at 146th Street, up by the Delaware State Line. Their newest elevated mini golf course on 21st Street is due to open in Spring 2024.


Old Pro has 6 courses, including 2 indoor courses open all year round, which prove very popular on a rainy summer day, or during the off season.


Proffesor Hacker’s on 140th Street, has two 18 hole miniature golf courses, taking you on an adventurous expedition over mountains, through caves, and behind waterfalls to find treasures hidden in the mines. 


Families, couples and friends of all ages can get together to share laughs, compete for the coveted hole-in-one, and create memories against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean when a game of mini golf is played in Ocean City. Sometimes it’s the kids who hit more hole-in-ones than the seasoned golf player. And sometimes, hitting a ball into the water becomes a skill all of its own! The courses often feature landscaped gardens, whimsical obstacles, and creative themes that reflect the vibrant spirit of Ocean City. Many mini golf courses have become local landmarks, drawing both seasoned players and first-time visitors eager to experience the unique charm of mini golf at the beach. It has become part of the Ocean City experience, so next time you’re in town, grab your putter, embrace the spirit of friendly competition, and enjoy the timeless fun of mini golf in Ocean City Md.

You can find all miniature golf in Ocean City Maryland here.



Anne grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and came across Ocean City for the first time over 30 years ago and shortly after it became her permanent home.  When time allows, Anne still loves to travel. She has been with OceanCity.com since September 2014.

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