Postcards from the edge of the Boardwalk

Postcards from the edge of the Boardwalk

Have you ever had your picture taken in front of this Ocean City mural on the Boardwalk at Caroline Street? This enlarged postcard was installed on the Fun City wall as part of the OCDC Public Art program about five years ago and has become a great photo op for visitors. We asked our friends on Facebook to send us their pictures, so here is a collection of their replies and photos they posted.  Surprisingly, there were actually quite a few people who had never noticed this wall painting before, so to them we say next time it’s safe to visit the Ocean City Boardwalk, walk around with your head up and eyes peeled as there is always something interesting to see there. Until then, keep Ocean City Dreaming.

Cathy Cantner And that’s my daughter in the background 😂
Lindsay Scalzo Myers Yes a few times! But the best time being the night in 2015 I got engaged on the pier!! ❤️
Tracey Rossi Jones #1 OCMD fan😎
Sandy Slusher McDonald
Kathy Diehl Woodall
Valerie Lynn
Michelle Ferguson
John Rosenblum Every time. And I actually have that picture on a piece of boardwalk i got from ocean gallery.
Tracy Garner-Thompson
Christina Wagner
JaimeandDanielle Cantu 2012
Tara Lawhorne
Nicki Hudson This past summer we took our son for his first visit☀️
Melissa Rossi


Bekah Randazzo
Kathy Good Brinton
Christina Wagner
Faith Pastir Of course💛
Kate Miller Fritz Yes! Just last weekend
Kristie Becker Yes! 2 years ago on my boys first trip to the beach! They were hooked!
Monika Lorah My girls last February 2019 ❤️
Fran Donatelli-Thornton Great granddaughter Jos💕
Jill Tanyi Love Ocean City!


Shannon Rehmel
Jessica Naranjo 2 years ago ❤️
Diane Knarr Maday We love OCMD!
Nicole Encarnacao Bartels Every year
JaimeandDanielle Cantu check it out, Bruce D. Baum
Liz Sansom My kids didn’t want to pose for me lol. Love OC and can’t wait to go back!!

Check out more pictures like this at our Ocean City Mural album on facebook!

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