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Photo Friday Contest Winner July 28th 2022

Thank you for all the submissions we had for our Photo Friday Contest this week. We love receiving photos taken during your vacation here in Ocean City Md, and we have put together a selection of your pictures sent to us this week. We have some spectacular Ocean City sunrises and sunsets, dinosaurs on the beach, artists on the Boardwalk, fishing on the bay, finding crabs on the beach, riding the rides, eating all your favorites, carrying on traditions, or discovering things for the first time, these pictures show what you do while on vacation in Ocean City! This week’s randomly selected winner of two FREE tickets to Jolly Roger is Trista Dora for this great picture of a seagull photo bombing their Boardwalk photo! Love ’em or hate ’em, seagulls are as much a part of Ocean City as the beach and Boardwalk! Congratulations Trista! Keep taking pictures of Ocean City, and be on the look out for next week’s Photo Friday Contest.

Trista Dora – Sea gull photobomb
Julie Quinn – So many good ones posted! This was our first time here. Here is a picture of our Sunset view on Wednesday night from Ropewalk. It was magical!!
The Pelican Pad on 131st – We didn’t know dinosaurs liked the beach!
Renee Resetar – A great start to another day in Ocean City!!
Michele Scopel Muir – I just love this local artist work .
Morgan Hull – Ocean city fun
Trish Kurtz – Santa vacations in Ocean City! 87th St beach
Karen Beardsley – My Grandaughter holding her first minnow!
Sara Weaver – Sunset behind the rides on July 14, 2022
Kelli Workman -Jackson’s first vacation!!!
Michelle Joswick-Rohm – Enjoying the view from “the big wheel”
Joyceann Weiman-Hartman – Sisters weekend
Missy Carney – winter surfing
Babette Rice Farrell – Our 3 year old granddaughter, Teagan, helping her Pap clean his sandy feet after a fun day on the beach!
Karen Bollinger – Holding on to that last bit of sunshine…
Colleen Jennings – Sand sofa
Bob Zabicki – My granddaughter heading to the beach
Noelle Marie – Gorgeous sunset on 135th.
Dottie Walls – Thrashers and Arcade…top two choices on a hot summer day!
Lauren Glushenko – Had a blast Island parasail
Judy Mowers Dietz – Beautiful Sunset dinner at Fager’s Island
Kimberly Pagliarulo – Nothing like waking up early with your adult children and walking to get coffee and watching the sunrise at the beach the summer before all of your kids are off to college.
Amber Schuler – Spending some time with the local pirates
Kristen Monaco McGraw – My favorite boardwalk snack!
Amy Priddy – Tuesday at the beach!
Lauren Fowler – Best and biggest pizza in OC!
Travis Piscitella – Fishing under the inlet eye in the fog
Wilmarie Martinez – First time out here and enjoying the food and the games with the family and this happen.
Marvin Jennings – Fishing fun!
Terri Lynn Shaffer Maxwell – Scott Maxwell had so much fun at Ocean City!! Our favorite place!!
Carrie Frailey VanWhy – My miracle baby turned 10 on July 11th. We surprised him with a little get away.
Arlene Garis Kulp – Some of the other fun things to do and get to see dolphins up close.
Lisa Fae Guernsey – Had an awesome beach vacation in June . Just a girl’s get away this year…left the hubbies at home.
Jess McCoy – Nothing like arriving at your hotel and being greeted by a seagull! OCMD is the place to be!
Sara Weaver – Horseshoe crabs along the sand at the inlet by the Oceanic
Ann Milheim – Three generations loving Ocean City!
Rebecca Memmo – What’s more iconic than some Maryland Blue Crabs. My middle son Lincoln’s first time Crabbing on the Bay. His smile says it all
Kimberly Ann Burdette – Peaceful night on the beach
Lisa Pitera Plumley – New great find after 20 years
Casie Culver – View from our favorite restaurant in OC…Sunset!
Kelli Phillips Reed – On the bay side
Stacie Foltz – Fishing in OC! Good times! Monk Fish
Darl Smith – My grandchildren enjoying the sunset after a visit to the boardwalk!
Jillian Kay – So many things to see and explore, check out this beautiful peaceful spot under the pier
Rebecca Memmo – Our only daughter, Mila and her daddy doing what they love. Watching the waves and playing in the sand. This is what it’s all about.
Tiffany Chamberlain Bock – July 5, 6:59 am, before anyone was out. I just love the sky in the mornings and evenings
Amy Jo Frenzel – Can’t beat this beautiful Wednesday July 20th sunset
Deb Maggio – Perfect day for a cruise from Sunset Marina to 115th street for a swim.
Amanda Creasy – My son in the middle always looking out for his 2 little cousins. Holding hands while walking to the pool at Sunset Island!
Alicia Bubash – We always get a picture in the big tower on the boardwalk!
Amy Flynn – My sons first pontoon ride
Stacey Arthur – Assateague National Park. My twins 13 yrs old. Sun started to set after doing the tie dye t shirts Tuesday night.
Sara Weaver – View from the front of the Oceanic Motel
Karen Shultz – My happy place as our chairs wait for us
Kristen Monaco McGraw – Haunted House Screams! Can’t come to the OC without going to the best Haunted House on the boardwalk!
Joseph Dobron – The inlet always makes for amazing pictures!
Kim Walker – Red moon rising at 20th street
Lisa Dillon – Learning the sandcastle technique!
Alysha Snyder Patterson – We were just there 2 weeks ago and returning in September! They take this picture by the tire every single year when we come
Tracy Purper – Just a few 8 year old best friends and cousins taking in the beautiful view
Tammy Smitley Coleman – Trimper’s is awesome!! Sydney was thrilled to ride the “haunted” horse on the carousel!!!!
Andrea Jowanowitch – 1st time having Thrashers French fries on the boardwalk!
Tracy Schneider – Fireworks at Northside Park
Beth Wilt – My 2 sons on The Hurricane ride on the Jolly Rogers Pier. I just can’t help but laugh at this picture and love it. One son expressionless and the other just all smiles and laughing. But they really were both having a great time. Was a wonderful 2 days at the beach. Definitely was not long enough. Miss it already!
Stephanie Ryan – Nothing like an OC sunrise!
Bug K Feight – Fishing at the bay before a storm rolled in
Jaclyn Unger – We discovered the life saving museum this year!
Alicia Zeiler – Nothin like wakin up to this every morning
Holly Jones Ireland – Pretty rainbow after a quick storm
Lauren Russell – Nothing hits like a Dumser milkshake!
Amy Flynn – My sweet daughter on the beach
Ashton Barry – The Judith M heading out to the inlet while the sun sets over the bay. So peaceful
Amy Taylor – “Seas the Day”
Jessica Rhoads – Will be there Sunday for our week long vacation!!
Kristin Guynn – Sunsets on the Bay never disappoint! Great view from Surfside 84.
Jessica Brehm – Just chilling on the beach!
Carissa Marie – The pier from a different view!
Debra Gilbert
Kim Walker – Rain over the ocean in the distance. Dry on the beach
Kelly Brian Jay – We were in OCMD last week! We miss the beach!
Carissa Marie – Evening view of the beach
Joy Kraus Dyer
Brittany Sexton – Caught TWO SHARKS fooling around the peir.
Remi Scott – The mom in me says this was my calm before the busy day began. Nothing is better then a coffee and sunrise before everyone wakes up. My solace in the mornings.
Jennifer Agel – Fun rainy day at Ripley’s
Nick Zigmant – View from the inlet!
Kristin Guynn – A storm approaching OCMD! A view looking downtown from 84th street.
Lacey Naab – Sunsets in Ocean City on the bay are the best
Ashley Russo – Found a “sleeping” crab on the beach!
William Kirk – 6 year old Angelina getting a sail boat lesson from Sarah aboard the Alyosha off OC MD 16 July 2022.
Kelsey Johnson – Nothing like nights on the beach
Kelly Robinson – Enjoying another day on the beach!
Jody Larkin
Stacey Allen – Woke the two 16 year olds to enjoy the sunrise with me
Kristin Kay Matheny
Jennifer Lytle – Enjoying his first time at Big Peckers
Elaine Langham – Sunset at Fager’s Island. Route 90 in background
Anne grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and came across Ocean City for the first time over 25 years ago and shortly after it became her permanent home.  When time allows, Anne still loves to travel. She has been with OceanCity.com since September 2014.

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