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Photo Friday Contest Winner August 10th 2023

Thank you for all the wonderful photos you shared with us this week for our Photo Friday Contest. We received pictures of sunrises, sunsets and storms, family and friends, boat rides, Boards walks, arcades, rides, big waves, big hugs, big seagulls, big jumps in the waves and even bigger smiles! We love receiving photos taken during your vacation here in Ocean City Md, and we have put together a selection of your pictures sent to us this week.  This week’s randomly selected winner of two FREE tickets to Jolly Roger Amusement Parks is Brittany Lloyd for this great picture of what we all love to do while in Ocean City – sit on the Boardwalk and take in the sights and sounds. There’s nothing like it!  Congratulations Brittany! Keep taking pictures of Ocean City, and be on the look out for our next Photo Friday Contest starting tomorrow, Friday August 11th, on Facebook, and please remember to include a sentence telling us what’s going on in your picture! 

Please be aware, we will ALWAYS ANNOUNCE THE WINNER AS A POST, never in comments, and we will NEVER ASK YOU TO CLICK on anything. Please do not respond to any comments that say you have won. We block and report any users who pretend to be us. We do not have any membership opportunities. We NEVER ask for a credit card.

Brittany Lloyd – Nice night at the boardwalk! We love sitting on the wall and just taking in all the sights and sounds!


Liz Brown – Morning sunrise. 08/05/23


Jennifer Køzløwski – Nothing beats a day at the beach! We always make great memories in OCMD.


Moe Hckrt Rsdn – Walking on the beach 5pm during the crazy winds in June.


Kelly O’Keane – Riding the OC Rocket with my grandson!


John Gowaty – Sunset on our vacation. Bottom of the boardwalk


Cheryl Hoffman – Ocean City sunsets are the best


Valerie Pearson Heaberlin – Enjoying a beautiful evening on the beach.


Beverly Butler – Fun trip…photo op after a great meal…love Ocean City


David Rossbach – Super moon on 142nd St


Heather Thomas – Our kids have been growing up here. All cousins ranging from 13-3!
Ange Hupp Kiphorn – Fager’s Island at sunset…beautiful night!


Danielle Blair – Boardwalk fun!


Amanda Frable – My grandson’s first trip to OC


Laura Armitage Smith – Her first big win almost all on her own. We ❤️ Fun City


Evelyn Lamplugh – Always a celebration in Ocean City , Md. !!!


Kim Bartrom – Beautiful beach day


Kourtney Graziani – Nothing like a summer trip to the beach with my boys!


Lindsay Muir Johnson – Jumping into Vacation!!!!


Cierra Diehl – My kids love to ride the rides at the beach. This is our expectations for fun


Gloria Paraschak Armitage – “I’m flying, Jack”. Everywhere you turn, Ocean City is an adventure.


Caroline Winston – Rainbow and lightning over the ocean at sunset


Michele Shaw – My granddaughters had a wonderful time this week in OC. They absolutely loved the water.


Alisha Sites – Best cousins shark watching!!


Diane Godshall – 1st sunrise of vacation…. I couldn’t wait to get up and on the beach
I was not disappointed


Jessica Allen – My son enjoying the massive waves at the inlet


Lauren Ciezkowski – First timer at Jolly Rogers, enjoying his helicopter ride!!!


Lori Grum Closson – A storm came through Monday! Crazy (81st street beach)


Amy McFarland – Coconuts happy hour!! It was a blast. OC is our favorite place to be


Gina Twardoski Reitter – The best boardwalk ever!


Victoria O’Neal – Beach naps are the best.


Kimberly Negley – Nothing like spending a nice vacation with my mother in-law and her sister having a few at hammerhead !


Amy Krasniqi – Sister BFFs love the beach!


Lisa Dillon – I used to love the ride when I was a kid! I took my 6 year old on it for the first time yesterday! Nostalgia for sure!


Jessica Burgess – After loosing two babies. We were finally able to celebrate our last vacation as a family of 3 in OC


Brec Morningstar – morning at the inlet


Patty Blevins Bortz – My 9 month old Granddaughter enjoying her best beach life at Ocean City 56th St beach area..the start of a happy beach life for her….July 2023.


Michelle Owen -Reflections


Joellen Smith – Beautiful sunrise, I woke my family to watch this with me


Nicole Marie – Splash Mountain Fun!


Jessica Higginbotham – There’s nothing better then coming to the beach and seeing a real live mermaid 🧜‍♀️ at Ashore Resort & Beach Club so much fun


Kate Shillady – Favorite part of our trips are the boardwalk nights!


Tanya Lewis – My boys riding waves before the storm


Blanca Valencia Flick – Leaving our yearly footprints at our favorite beach


Katie Carter – Surfing the waves in our happy place!


Lindsay Fye – My daughter jumping outside the flagship motel.


Victoria Sadler – My grandson sifting sand through his fingers on the beach


Peggy Gallagher – St.Patrick’s Day 2023. Teenagers


Kla Mathew – Always smiles in OC


Candice Marie – The hazy night sky


Diane Godshall – 2 of my granddaughters jumping the waves


Marci Gundel-Damato – Birthday boy got a small and a medium from the balloon dart game !


Leigh Zeuger Byrne – Sunday morning after the storm Saturday night. 95th street


Danielle Marie – Some crazy kiddos loving the beach & waves! OC is our favorite place to be


Brittany George – Popping bubbles on the beach


Jade Hill – The fox works for the Coast Guard.


Amy Newman Ackard – I thought this was so unique. All my years of going to OC, it has been mostly seagulls. July 13th.


Allan Curl – Lazy lizard sunset


Lindsay Marie – Nothing like the wait, wait, wait my daughter loves to push the buttons at the many crosswalks in OC. Safety first!


Lana Eisenhart Souder – My granddaughter and her boyfriend, Gabe and Lexi, enjoying the beautiful weather!


MaryAnn Ledger – My daughter ‘s first time seeing the ocean.


Jack N Terry Phebus – Monday Sunrise on 7th Street


Miranda Wolfe – Watching sunrise at 23rd street, when a seagull flew by


Leeann Michele – My granddaughter leaving a lock on bridge in memory of her daddy for his birthday


Trista Dora – Hungry seagulls


Kristy Wolf – My son n 2 year old nephew


Becky Gaydos – Love the unexpected surprises!


Tammy Ellis Curl – Young, wild and free


Carol Anne – Here comes the Sun


Erin Wilhelm – Beach life is the best life. Ocean city 44th st 2 weeks ago


Dan Wilson Jr – Our 16th trip to OCMD this past July


Brooke Whatley – My sister and son watching the storm roll in on 139th Street


John Jamie Myers – Our crew enjoying the beautiful day before the storm came in


Mandi Holtzner – When you play best photo scavenger hunt with your family on the boardwalk and the category is take a picture of a key chain with your name!


Angela Rushing Chaney – We did a tie dye shirt craft for the kids but the whole family joined in. Then we gathered for a photo on the beach


Lori Hellman – Look at this beauty found floating in the bay


Diane Godshall – Those seagulls sure do love French fries


Rusty Robertson -Enjoying the nice summer, late afternoon breeze at the ocean!! Never wanna leave!


Brec Morningstar -sunrise
Anne grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and came across Ocean City for the first time over 30 years ago and shortly after it became her permanent home.  When time allows, Anne still loves to travel. She has been with OceanCity.com since September 2014.

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