White Marlin Open: Day 3- Tuna Time

The White Marlin Open day 3 was heavy on tune and still waiting for a sizeable marlin to weigh.

A busy day at the scales today as expected. Fishlik came in an hour after the scales opened with several tuna to start the night. With a 247.5 pound big eye tuna, Chris Mentlik from Street, Maryland took the lead knocking down the 199 pound tuna from Monday. At 5:30 that fish was worth $1.2 million and took about 2 hours to reel in. Not bad for a day on the water!

Reel Oppo-tuna-ty was waiting right behind them with a rare Allison tuna weighing in at 162.5 pounds sending themselves into 3rd place in the tuna category. The angler was Eddie Quick of Berlin, Maryland.

6:30 came quick and Full Service out of Middle River, Maryland came with a big eye weighing in at 203.5 rocketing to 2nd place in the tuna category. They reported beautiful weather out on the Atlantic today! And a beautiful pay out as of right now that 2nd place tuna is worth $95,000.

Several boats came in flying upside down white and blue marlin flags such as Desperado, Billfisher, and Maverick.

Last years big winner, Jeremy Duffy of the Billfisher brought in a small tuna around 55 pounds but didn’t make it to the leaderboard. Last year Duffy landed the $4.5 million white marlin in the 2022 White Marlin Open. As more tuna were brought to the scales, Hunter Clark of Sparrows Point, Maryland tried his luck and weighed a 58 pound tuna on Just One More. Another tuna was weighed from the same boat. It also did not qualify. Unreel made their way to the scales weighing in a 53 pound tuna, but all eyes were on their puppy who was along for the ride wearing an adorable hat!

Two Times the Tuna

Today’s weigh in had a two special weigh ins. Two Allison Tuna were caught. One on the Summagirl and one on the Reel Oppor-tuna-ty. Allison tuna have long yellow dorsal and anal fins. Allison tuna are also called long- finned tuna.  

Mahi Movement

The Will M., on the Maverick brought in  31 pound Mahi taking the lead in the Mahi category. The minimum weight for a mahi is 20 pounds. Only one other mahi was weighed so far this week. It was a 21 pounder off of the Hey Buddy from New Smyrna, Florida.

The Undertaker came in with a mahi a little after 7pm. And with a 26 pound mahi, CJ Wallace took 2nd! The angler report having a great time fair weather.

Wahoo! The Fish That Literally Screams Fun

Francis Johnson of the Sea Fix weighed in a 40 pound wahoo landing on the leaderboard.

The scales were busy as expected today. Fish came in a heavy flow from 5:15 until the closing at 9:15.

At the end of the night the Fishlik stayed strong at the top with a 247.5 pound tuna, Shooting Star stayed in first with their 57 pound wahoo, and Maverick in first with their 31 pound mahi. There were no billfish brought to the scales for the second day in a row in addition to no swordfish.


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