Oceancity.com’s August Sandcastle Contest Winners x3! Let’s Meet The Leahy Family


Congratulations to the Trio of families that won the August Sand Castle Contest. Ocean City has truly brought people together and helped to create life long friends and even more memories. Let’s meet The Leahy Family from Holmes, New York!

Family Name: Leahy

Who are the members and ages of your family:

John and Laura, Kelly (27), Jill (24), Cara (22), Emma (18), Michael (17)

Where are you from? Holmes, NY 

How long is your drive? 5 hours on a good day 

Where do you like to stay? Seal Beach on 52nd St. 

How long have you been vacationing in Ocean City? 23 years

Family Favorites

Morning Activity: Dunkin’ and Fractured Prune runs

Beach or Pool: Beach, always  

Favorite Beach Snack: Tootsie Pops

Must have items in your beach bag: sunscreen and a good book

Breakfast Spot: Bad Monkey 

Lunch Spot: Lunch on the Beach

Dinner Restaurant: In our kitchen or on the beach at 8pm 

Boardwalk Store: Kite Loft

Ice Cream Flavors: Mint Chocolate Chip

Popcorn Flavors: Caramel 

Walk the boardwalk or ride the tram? Walk

Beach nap or swim in the ocean? Swim in the ocean and then a beach nap

Tell All

Who sleeps in later on vacation? No one really, can’t cut into beach time!

Who packs the most clothes? Jill

Who gets the most excited to come to Ocean City? Michael 

Who is most likely to jump in the ocean first? Emma

Who is most likely to want to ride The Tidal Wave Roller Coaster? Kelly

In 50 words or less, explain why you love Ocean City.

Ocean City has become a home away from home for our family. We have made life long friends who have become family over the years. Ocean City holds such special memories for our family and we always eagerly anticipate coming back each year.


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