Oceancity.com’s August Sandcastle Contest Winners x3! Let’s Meet the Polsinelli’s

    August 2023 Sand Castle Contest Winners

    Congratulations to the Trio of Families that won the last sand castle contest of the summer. The amount of skill that it takes to create these sand sculptures is incredible. But the amount of fun surpasses it all. Let’s learn about one third of the winners- the Polsinelli Family from Baltimore, Maryland.

    Family Name: Polsinelli

    Anthony, age 59 

    Denise, age 58

    Gabriella, age 29

    Gabriella’s Husband Christopher, age 30

    Christina, age 25

    Where are you from?  Baltimore

    How long is your drive?  2½ hrs

    Where do you like to stay? Constellation House – 52nd st oceanfront

    How long have you been vacationing in Ocean City? 40 yrs

    Family Favorites

    Morning Activity: watching the sunrise from the beach while setting up chairs and umbrellas for our entire group, taking a walk

    Beach or Pool: Beach

    Favorite Beach Snack: Fresh mozzarella & pepperoni, Tootsie pops and goldfish

    Must have items in your beach bag: suntan lotion, sand sculpture ideas

    Breakfast Spot: Bad Monkey

    Lunch Spot: Pack lunches and eat on the beach

    Dinner Restaurant: Johnny’s Pizza

    Boardwalk Store: Quiet Storm, Kite Loft

    Ice Cream Flavors: Hawaiian Delight (Dumser’s), peanut butter chocolate chip

    Popcorn Flavors: caramel w/ peanuts

    Walk the boardwalk or ride the tram? Walk the boardwalk

    Beach nap or swim in the ocean? Can’t decide cause we do both everyday

    Tell All

    Who sleeps in later on vacation? Gabriella and Christina

    Who is the better mini golf player? Anthony

    Who packs the most clothes? Denise

    Who gets the most excited to come to Ocean City? Anthony & Christina

    Who is most likely to jump in the ocean first? Christina

    Who is most likely to want to ride The Tidal Wave Roller Coaster? Anthony

    In 50 words or less, explain why you love Ocean City.

    We go the same week every year (White Marlin Open week), stay at the same place and look forward to spending the week with our OC families again. We stay on the beach all day (and evening), build sand sculptures every day, play games and even have a fire pit one night with food and music. It’s a blast! Can’t wait to make more OC memories again next year.


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