June Sand Castle Contest Runners Up: Meet the Schlappich Family


We were very impressed by the sand castle created by the Schlappich Family. Let’s see why they choose Ocean City as their favorite vacation spot!

Schlappich Family Sand Castle 2023

Family Name: Schlappich Family

Who are the members  of your family: Dad- Joe, Mom-Karla, Pax,16, Kallista,14,

Where are you from?  Reading, PA

How long is your drive?  Three hours, fifteen minutes

Where do you like to stay?  We own a condo at High Point North on 114th Street.

How long have you been vacationing in Ocean City?  On and off for the last thirty years.  Yearly for about the last seventeen years.

Runners Up – June 2023

Family Favorites

Morning Activity: Walks to Northside park, kayaking, bike riding on the boardwalk, walks on the beach

Beach or Pool: Beach

Favorite Beach Snack: Popcorn 

Must have items in your beach bag: Karla-book to read, Kallista-sunscreen, Joe-sand shovels, Pax-sunglasses

Breakfast Spot: Bad Monkey

Lunch Spot: Beach

Dinner Restaurant: Dead Freddies

Boardwalk Store: Wockenfuss Candies, Kite Loft

Ice Cream Flavors: Karla-Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Joe-Vanilla, Pax-Vanilla, Kallista-Vanilla Bean

Popcorn Flavors: Kallista-Kettle, Joe and Karla-Cheese, Pax-Butter

Walk the boardwalk or ride the tram? Walk

Beach nap or swim in the ocean? Kallista and Joe-swim, Karla and Pax-nap

An elite looking sand castle.

Tell All

Who sleeps in later on vacation? Kallista  

Who is the better mini golf player? Pax (won this year)

Who packs the most clothes? Kallista

Who gets the most excited to come to Ocean City? Joe and Karla

Who is most likely to jump in the ocean first? Kallista

Who is most likely to want to ride The Tidal Wave Roller Coaster? Pax

June Sand Castle Runners Up

In 50 words or less, explain why you love Ocean City.

We love the beach and the variety of activities available.  There have been ‘must dos’ as traditions over the years, but our activities have evolved as the kids have gotten older and their interests have expanded. Ocean City offers everything for a fun and relaxing family vacation!

We love that the Schlappich Family loves Ocean City as much as we do!


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