H20i in Ocean City, Sept 27-29

H20i in Ocean City, Sept 27-29


Traffic violations during H20iAuthorities are prepared for the weekend

Ocean City Police,  Maryland State Police, Maryland Department of Natural Resources Police, and Worcester County Sheriff’s Office will combine efforts and have a large presence during the event. Starting Wednesday September 25, through Sunday, September 29, Coastal Highway and Philadelphia Avenue (MD-528) will be designated as a Special Event Zone. Traffic will travel at reduced speed, and violators will pay fines much like those speeding in construction zones.

Unwelcomed group

Many in the town are unhappy about the upcoming, unsanctioned H20i event  because of the drivers’ behavior and subsequent numerous tickets and arrests during last year’s event. Understandably, this event is not welcomed by the majority. The company that runs H20i has now moved the event from the Ocean City convention center to Atlantic City, New Jersey, but many attendants from previous years still plan on coming to Ocean City the last week in September. At least 3 facebook events are listed for Sept 27 and 28 as H20i events here in Ocean City. The events are listed as “meet ups,” and are welcoming those that drive particular makes to an event that welcomes drivers of any car. Other events are for those with special LED lights and other customizations.

Not official, but be advised

The creators of these events have not requested any official approval for their time in Ocean City, but the town is taking  steps in light of past happenings. The town is also informing those who call with inquiries about H20i. They are advising hotels, restaurants, and businesses to do the same.


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  1. I was looking forward to a weekend of fun and beautiful weather. Glad I saw this. I have canceled my plans and will stay home. I happened to be there last year during this and it was the worst. It’s not even safe to walk the sidewalks much less try to drive anywhere.


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