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Build Your Own Scarecrow: A Fall Tradition

Build Your Own Scarecrow: A Fall Tradition

How to Spend You Fall Weekend in Ocean City

Fall lovers unite! As the days get shorter, the leaves change color, and the crisp air reminds us to grab something pumpkin spiced; we search for opportunity to indulge in nostalgic activities, events, and gather with friends and family! From trick or treating to pumpkin carving, this time of year is guaranteed to make you feel like a kid again. Heck, chores like raking leaves aren’t even dreaded when the next step is to jump in the pile!

Re-Use Some Clothes: Save A Scarecrow

Providing fall festivities for all ages; Trimper’s is bringing not just fall nostalgia, but spooky fun too! A great activity that combines scary and nostalgia is scarecrow stuffing! Building your scarecrow to put a little scare in our feathered friends or your neighbors is perfect past time this Autumn! Trimper’s has an attendant ready and willing to guide the novice through the creation process, or help the pro scarecrow builder with all the necessary materials. This eco-friendly activity repurposes old clothing, and recycled newspapers donated from the Coast Dispatch! The cost of this haunted happening is $13 for all materials including shirt, pants, newspaper, etc. Save a little money by providing your own clothing and build your scarecrow for just $10. As a part of Thrills-N-Chills, this family-friendly activity will be offered throughout the rest of October! Use your imagination and make your very own scarecrow to bring home!

The top priority is fun so come and partake in this experience, or buy a wristband for $20 and ride through their Thrills-N-Chills weekend on a variety of great rides.

Don’t forget all visitors are encouraged to come in costume, and Trimper’s staff is indulging in the season in costume too!

What else to expect this Fall:

Food – Indulge all your senses in the holiday with:

  • fresh baked apple cider donuts
  • hot apple cider
  • hot chocolate
  • pumpkin spice cake pops

Sponsors during Trimper’s Thrills-N-Chills are:

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