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Angler Deep Sea Fishing Boat: The Unparalleled Winner of OceanCity.com’s “Best Fishing Charter” in 2023

Why the Angler Represents the Best of Ocean City®

In the resort town of Ocean City, Maryland, a fishing charter has emerged as the clear victor in the prestigious “Best of Ocean City®” contest. The Angler Deep Sea Fishing Boat has proudly claimed the title of “Best Fishing Charter” in 2023, captivating anglers and enthusiasts alike with its rich history, outstanding captain, Chris Mizurak, and his exceptional crew members, Stephen and Rich. Let’s delve into the reasons behind the Angler Deep Sea Fishing Boat’s resounding victory and why it stands out as the top choice for unforgettable fishing experiences.

A Storied History

First Dock Permit goes to the Buntings

The Angler Deep Sea Fishing Boat boasts an illustrious history that spans over several decades. At the turn of the 20th Century, Charles Rollins Bunting, great-great grandfather of the Buntings who currently operate the boat and restaurant, purchased the property at the base of what is now the Route 50 bridge.  There was only marsh grass through which Charles Bunting pulled their sailing bateaux and row boats to shore.  Charles worked on a fish pound boat and had 5 sons who together started a fishing business.  they were issued Ocean City’s first dock permit.  They built their dock with wood brought over by boat from the mainland.

William Returns Home & Starts the Restaurant

In the winter of 1934, Charles’ son William decided to leave North Carolina and return home to Ocean City.  He bought a house and property that adjoined his dad’s fishing pier.  William built a 20′ by 20′ building where he sold fishing bait, refreshments, and rented small boats to visitors and residents.  His wife, Louise, started selling pies that became so popular that they decided to open a restaurant.  

World War II Calls William and his Boat Away

Captain Bill and his boat, the Angler, joined the Coast Guard and served our country.  After the war, he returned home to find his dock washed nearly away.  He rebuilt the new dock and addition in 1945.  William and Louise’s only son Bill also served in the Coast Guard and decided to return home and join his parents in the business.  He had a sport fishing boat, the Sunshine, which he captained during the day and then he and his wife Martha helped with the family business operation.  

This family business has been offering fishing charters and great food and drinks ever since.  Bill and Martha’s two daughters, Julie and Jayne ran the business after their parents retired and now Bill and Martha’s grandchildren have become integral parts of the operation.

Over the years, the Buntings have consistently provided an exceptional fishing experience, earning a loyal customer base and a reputation for excellence. The Angler’s commitment to preserving Ocean City’s fishing heritage while embracing innovation has undoubtedly contributed to its success.

Captain Chris Mizurak: A True Expert

Captain Chris and mate Stephen aboard the Angler deep sea fishing boat.

At the helm of the Angler Deep Sea Fishing Boat today is the highly skilled and experienced Captain Chris Mizurak. With more than 18 years of fishing expertise, Captain Mizurak’s knowledge of the local waters is unparalleled. His passion for angling and dedication to customer satisfaction sets the Angler apart from other charters. Captain Mizurak’s ability to navigate Ocean City’s diverse fishing grounds ensures that guests have the best chance of reeling in a memorable catch.  He is quick to assess a location that is not delivering fish and will call for “lines up” so he can move to another favorite location.  He also loves his job and flies his drone over the boat to capture footage of a leatherback turtle or someone pulling in a big flounder.  He even filmed a humpback as it played near the boat last year.

Dynamic Duo:  The Mates

Rich does everything. He is a mate on the Angler. He took our tickets, got us our rods and reels, taught us how to get the fish off the hooks quickly and easily, and showed us how to use the reels. He and the other mate, Stephen, help get lines untangled and fish on-board throughout the day. Together with the Captain, they made the trip fabulous.

Working alongside Captain Mizurak, the Angler Deep Sea Fishing Boat is fortunate to have two exceptional mates, Stephen and Rich. These capable individuals play a vital role in enhancing the overall fishing experience for guests. With their friendly demeanor, extensive knowledge of fishing techniques, and dedication to customer service, Stephen and Rich provide invaluable assistance to anglers of all skill levels. Their enthusiasm and willingness to share tips and tricks make every trip aboard the Angler an enjoyable and educational experience.

Unmatched Dedication to Catching Fish

One of the primary reasons why the Angler Deep Sea Fishing Boat won the “Best Fishing Charter” award is its commitment to providing unparalleled fishing opportunities. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and top-notch fishing gear, the Angler ensures that guests have access to the finest equipment available. Most anglers come equipped with their own rods and reels, but the boat provides the squid or clams as bait.  Whether targeting black sea bass, flounder, or other offshore species, the head boat offers a diverse range of fishing options to suit every angler’s preferences throughout the productive fishing seasons off the coast of Ocean City, Maryland.

Customer-Centric Approach

Stephen holds a big male black sea bass which has beautiful iridescent blue markings.

The Angler Deep Sea Fishing Boat prides itself on its customer-centric approach. From the moment guests step on board until the last cast is made, the crew goes above and beyond to ensure an unforgettable experience. The friendly staff members are always available to assist with baiting hooks, untangling lines, and providing guidance throughout the trip. This personalized attention, coupled with their extensive knowledge of the local ecosystem, sets the Angler apart from its competitors.

Commitment to Safety and Comfort

 The Angler Deep Sea Fishing Boat places a high emphasis on safety and comfort.  The vessel is meticulously maintained to meet rigorous safety standards, providing guests with peace of mind throughout their journey. They also have dedicated restrooms for men and woman which adds to the comfort of a 10 hour fishing day.  Additionally, the crew adheres to responsible fishing practices, promoting quick release of fish that do not meet DNR requirements.

Unforgettable Experiences:

A successful and memorable day on the Angler deep sea fishing head boat.

When it comes to creating unforgettable fishing experiences, the Angler Deep Sea Fishing Boat goes above and beyond. The charter offers a range of trip options including 6.5 hour, 8 hour and 10 hour trips as well as a 3 hour shorter trip to accommodate diverse schedules and preferences. Whether guests are seasoned anglers or first-time fishermen, the crew’s expertise and enthusiasm ensure that everyone enjoys an exciting and successful fishing adventure.

Customer Testimonials:

These visitors from Rhode Island got off the boat and said that they enjoy a fishing trip on the Angler every year.

The Angler’s outstanding reputation is reinforced by glowing testimonials from satisfied customers. Many have praised the charter for its professional and friendly crew, top-of-the-line equipment, and the thrill of reeling in impressive catches. Guests consistently commend Captain Mizurak, Stephen, and Rich for their exceptional knowledge, patience, and dedication to ensuring a fantastic fishing experience for all. We encountered one father daughter pair from Rhode Island who said that they booked the shorter 3 hour trip every year when they vacation in Ocean City. They got off the boat happy, but with no fish. When I asked why, they said that they had caught a lot of sea bass, but that all were too small to keep. They were already planning to come back next year. Others with whom we spoke during the 8 hour trip told us that they go out with Captain Chris most every week to catch flounder. They said Chris was the best Captain out there, working hard to ensure a good catch for all aboard.

Recognition and Awards:

OceanCity.com’s “Best Fishing Charter” award is just one of many accolades the Angler Deep Sea Fishing Boat has received over the years. The charter’s commitment to excellence has been recognized locally and the continuous stream of positive reviews and repeat customers speaks volumes about the charter’s commitment to delivering exceptional fishing adventures.

Stephen waits to secure the Angler after a successful trip.

Vote for the Angler or Your Favorite Fishing Charter in the 2024 Best of Ocean City® Contest

The Angler won for 2023 and you can be sure they continue their winning streak by voting for them in the 2024 polls now open on OceanCity.com.


As the winner of OceanCity.com’s “Best Fishing Charter” in 2023, the Angler Deep Sea Fishing Boat in Ocean City, Maryland, has proven itself as the pinnacle of fishing excellence. With its rich history, exceptional captain in Chris Mizurak, and the expertise of mates Stephen and Rich, the charter has created an unparalleled reputation for itself. Offering outstanding fishing opportunities, a customer-centric approach, and a dedication to safety, conservation, and community engagement, the Angler Deep Sea Fishing Boat provides unforgettable experiences that leave guests eagerly anticipating their next adventure on the open waters of Ocean City.

Ann has been with StateVentures since 1999. She moved from Annapolis to Berlin, MD to be closer to Ocean City. She splits her work week between the two locations to help clients and visitors get the best information and value out of our sites. She loves a camera and any excuse to use it.  Her kids are both grown and off adventuring.  Ann loves to travel with her kids and lives with her dog Marley when she's not in Virginia fishing.

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