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Adding a selfie to your Ocean City memories

There’s nothing like enjoying a moment on the beach, but taking a second to document that moment is always worth the time.

I think selfies sometimes get a bad rap. I might think that because I take a ton of them. A part of that is, I’ll admit, a little vanity, the way a person often can’t pass a mirror without noticing themselves. Also (to be honest and fair) as we’ve really only had mass access to reasonably accurate reproductions of ourselves for (if you count old time cameras and silver mirrors) maybe a couple hundred years. 

But the second reason I take scads of selfies is as a kind of reaching out. A way of saying to my family and my both IRL and virtual friends, “Hey! I’m here doing this. Pretty cool, huh?” Of course I often turn the camera around and also share what I’m seeing or where I am, but there is something a little more personal about locating myself in that place and time, rather than just documenting. 

This batch of submitted photos contained a fair amount of selfies. I never get tired of getting them, so please keep sending them.







Sunsets together

Jenna Dunn watches the sunset with her boyfriend Michael Beele, after a great happy hour at Fish Tales. During their great Summer 2016 vacation.

Winter Beach photos

I’ve said it a million times, but there’s nothing like a crisp afternoon at the beach. It isn’t better or worse than a summer day but rather a thing unto itself. Eventually you get back into the car and the smell of the beach cold, which is different from the general cold, kind of fills the space.

Photos of Ocean City

Sometimes the best memories are associated with turning the camera around and focusing on the place you’re exploring, or the event you’re having. We had a couple submissions that were just celebrations of Love (it being February and all) as well as just celebrating the views available in Ocean City.

Lauren and Nick Steiner were married in Ocean city at the 15th St. firehouse house on valentine’s day 2015.
In the spirit of National Plan Your Vacation Day! This photo speaks volumes to me. I have been visiting OCMD since I was a little girl and will continue to do so. This photo was taken by the Inlet with my two children – November 20, 2010. Enjoying a beautiful sunset on the sand.
Tony Russo
Tony Russohttp://Ossurynot.com
Tony Russo has worked as a print and digital journalist for the better part of the 21st century, writing for and editing regional weeklies and dailies before joining the team that produces OceanCity.com and ShoreCraftBeer.com among other destination websites. In addition to having documented everything from zoning changes to art movements on the Delmarva Peninsula, Tony has written two books on beer for the History Press. Eastern Shore Beer was published in 2014 and Delaware Beer in 2016. He lives in Delmar, Md. with his wife Kelly and the only of his four daughters who hasn't moved out. Together they keep their two dogs comfortable.

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